Naeve 100WC – Week 23

We were stuck in the middle of what looked like no where, all we had was a shovel and a rake for our gardening lessons.I was with Matilda and Claudia. I opened my mouth and took a quick gasp for breath and pinched my hands back over my noise.”shall we start!” I asked. I dropped the rake and we started pushing through the earth with the shovel. Matilda and Claudia started to rake the leaves and brake the overgrown branches. I walked to the gardening shop, purchased waterfall and placed it in the center of the garden where I dug the whole.

Will 100WC – Week 23

I rushed out of the car to get the beach umbrella. When I grabbed my umbrella I rushed to the sand to push it into the earth. When I pushed it into the earth all the kids run and jumped in the water to go and have a swim. After about two hours in the water the kids said they wanted to go home so I went and got the umbrella out of the sand and we went home to have ice cream and to play NBA 2K14 and try to get Michael Jordan dunk package. That was so fun.

Shaun 100WC – Week 22

I needed the perfect picture to enter the school photo competition so I would win. As I walked through the forest I felt really scared. Alone at night, with no one as company I think you would be scared. I started to see a strange light coming out of the blue. I decided to follow it because it could be the perfect shot for me to win. I approached ready to snap my photo and then I saw it. The perfect shot was there but there were guards that looked unbreakable. I ran through them and snapped.CLICK! I ran.

Anthony 100WC – Week 22

As Joe and his mate Mike were approaching the light, they both asked each other “What do you think is going to be in there?” Mike replied first, saying “I think there will be a giant monster the size of a three story house.” Joe answered “I think there will be a bottomless pit of darkness.” They were both really excited until they saw a lady going past them, crying. They both wondered what was so sad. The light boosted them up to the door. Mike opened the door got sucked in. “Mike!” Screamed Joe, but it was too late…


Cecilia 100WC – Week 22


I stumbled into the forrest, lost and confused. The trees blended into the mist, looking like a dark blur. My vision was pitch black, nothing in my sight I could see, although I could feel the prickly tops of passing branches as I walked. Then suddenly, a light that almost blinded me appeared, a beautiful stretch of colourful lights appeared around me, and a mysterious golden and green floating house immediately caught my attention. I was in complete awe, I stepped closer to it, then suddenly I blacked out……….and could vaguely see an evil grin as I drifted off……….