Memoir Writing

Today we explored Memoirs. We learnt how to tell a story through 6 words.

Once we had learnt about what a Memoir was it was our turn to write some of our own.
Below are some examples of our own Memoirs.


  • What do you like about Memoir writing?
  • What did you learn from this lesson?
  • Share your own Memoir….

Skype with Class 4B

Yesterday 6EK had a Skype session with Class4B on

“What makes a good writer?”

The students from 4B asked the students from 6EK a range of questions to gather information on ways they can improve their writing.

Some things suggested were:

  • Re-read your writing
  • Read aloud
  • Read to a friend
  • Remember to use Capital Letters
  • Check grammar
  • Check Spelling
  • Use Paragraphs
  • Plan your writing before you write.

Some things the students in 6EK do to help them improve their writing include:

  • 100WC
  • Writer’s Notebooks
  • Rocket Writing
  • Touch Typing  on their Chromebooks
  • Sharing their writing with others in our class through Google to get feedback from each other.



  • Have you got any other writing tips to be a good writer?
  • What strategies work best for you?
  • What do you like most about writing?

Generating ideas for Writing.

Today the students in 6EK worked on how they can generate ideas for story writing. I created a Google Doc and shared this with the class. Each student needed to state a moment/statement. Then the students asked each other questions about their moments.  This was done through the comment feature on GoogleDocs. Once student had done this they then added an image to their moment and an emotion by taking a selfie on their Chromebook.

Once the students had created a moment, image and emotion it gave them the idea to begin to write their story.

This lesson idea came from Wendy Gorton. 

Writing 1picture 3Writing 5 Writing 2writing 4


  • What did you like about this lesson?
  • What did you learn from this lesson?
  • Would you recommend other classes to do this activity to help them think of ideas for their stories? Why?

Writer’s Notebook

This week we have been looking at how authors get ideas for the wonderful stories they create. One thing we have noticed is many authors have a writers notebook. This is where they draw, write, reflect on different things that include their own life, memories, topics like nature, pirates, bullying etc. We think a writers notebook is a creative way to share our thoughts, images and ideas.

As we are authors in how we share our work with everyone on our class blog. We thought it would be a great idea to create our own Writers Notebooks.

Below are some images of our Writers Notebooks:

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  • What is the purpose of a Writer’s Notebook?
  • Why do authors have Writer’s Notebooks?
  • What do you like most about your Writer’s Notebook?

Toms 100WC – Week 24


Once upon there use to be a boy called Pinocchio he use to be a decent boy until he got an Chromebook on his birthday. He was always using the Chromebook for being naughty and bullying others. His nose kept on getting longer and longer until it was 20 meters. Then one day as he was surfing online a browser popped up saying get a trip to the wonderland and it asked for his parents credit card number phone number and email address.Pinocchio typed all of his details and then suddenly the Chromebook sucked him into a different universe.

Alex 100WC – Week 24

The Story of Ducksen Bieber

Mother duck sat on her nest, waiting for her eggs to hatch. The first one hatched, she had long blond hair, red lipstick, a Prada handbag and a Gucci dress. She was going to be a supermodel. Every duckling was beautiful, singers, actors, models they were amazing. The last egg hatched, he was so ugly. He had stains on his top and pimples on his face. He ran away from the perfect family and lived alone until he found Proactive. He ran outside and grabbed the bag of Proactive. It worked within weeks and became Ducksen Bieber, the duck sensation.   

Charlie 100WC – Week 24

Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Once upon a time Charlie was walking down the street in the dark misty fog, then suddenly a shadow appeared it was gleary you could just see a body. So he started running into a tunnel then a light appeared  it was a man he said “come on follow me”. Charlie followed him it was the lolly man. Then they went to the lolly shop. Charlie bought a Wonka Bar inside there was a golden ticket he ran home to tell his family. The next week they were waiting for the gates to open but it was just a prank.


Mary 100WC – Week 24

The Tortoise and the Bear

Once upon a time, deep in the forest a race was about to start. It was the day of the semi-final.  Tortoise was meant to be versing the hare but he became sick, so instead he was versing Bear. “On your mark, get set… go! squawked  crow. Bear trotted through the, marshy pine forest, taking the lead.The tortoise stumbled through the obstacle course. The bear spied a tree filled with honey. I’ll just take one small scoop of honey. Thought Bear. An hour later, tortoise crossed the line. Tortoise had won once again! He was into the Grand Final.


Fraser 100WC – Week 24

The 3 Little Builders

Once upon a time there were three little pig’s there names were Jack, Sam and Ben. They all attempted to build a new house, but the didn’t how to build their house. So they went on the internet on their computer’s to look at the materials. Jack found the material wood, Sam found the material glass and Ben found the material paper. Then they all needed one more thing it was a machine to help build it. On they went to build their houses with some help from the machine and the were ready to go to battle.




Breianna 100WC – Week 24

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Once there was a evil queen and a princess called Snow White. Snow White found out that the evil queen wanted her dead, she ran away into the forest to a small house. It belonged to the seven dwarfs she cleaned up around the house. When they got home she told them her situation they all agreed that she could stay. What they didn’t know was that the evil queen was coming for her using her GPS. Within seconds she found Snow White but she fell into a trap. The seven dwarfs had to free her using a technology trap.  

Madeleine 100WC – Week 24

The Little Mermaid

Once upon a time there lived a mermaid. One day she saw a handsome prince in the distance. He had legs and she had a tail there was a big difference. Aerial took out her underwater computer and tried to facetime him but unfortunately there was no signal. She heard his name when his assistant was speaking to him she wanted to marry him but she couldn’t because he didn’t know she existed. Ariel went down to Ursula and asked for legs she only had 2 days. Ariel met the prince and they got married and lived happily ever after.     

Will 100WC – Week 24

Ugly Duckling The 3

Once upon a time there was 1 mum duck, 1 dad duck and 3 brother ducks. One brother that was absolutely ugly and the other three were absolutely beautiful like princes. One day the ugly duckling got badly bullied at school. So he wished the Fairy God mother to come and  give him a wish. In the corner off his eye the Fairy God mother appeared and said to him I will give you one wish and use it wisely. So what  are you going to use for it. I’m would like to look like Shrek.

Cecilia 100WC – Week 24


It was a cold, dark night in London. Peter, John and I were tucked up tight in our beds, and the clock chimed 12:00pm, it was late and no one was about. It was dead quiet, when suddenly a boy came rushing through our bedroom window, it was Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and they were here inviting us to Neverland.


Neverland was absolutely amazing, the whole island was made completely of candy! I could see little mini robots harvesting the candy, and flying books in the sky. When we all suddenly dropped, falling to our deaths…….

Patrick 100WC – Week 24

THE UGLY Dinosaur

Once upon a time it was summer in the country. Five eggs hatched in the barn. Only four baby ducks hatched. The next day the egg opened. Four pretty baby ducks went to the barn, they looked up and saw a massive dinosaur. It was very ugly with razor sharp teeth. The four ducks ran away because they were scared it might eat them.  They quacked to Mum for help. Mum came and the dinosaur smashed open the barn door. He ran away. He saw a pretty bird flying in the sky. Maybe one day he will turn into one.


Well Done Cecilia

I would like to congratulate Cecilia on having her 100WC writing piece from week 22 selected  and awarded as a Special Showcase Piece. 


This is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all students within 6EK who take part in the 100WC each week.

Cecilia’s 100WC – Week 22- 


I stumbled into the forrest, lost and confused. The trees blended into the mist, looking like a dark blur. My vision was pitch black, nothing in my sight I could see, although I could feel the prickly tops of passing branches as I walked. Then suddenly, a light that almost blinded me appeared, a beautiful stretch of colourful lights appeared around me, and a mysterious golden and green floating house immediately caught my attention. I was in complete awe, I stepped closer to it, then suddenly I blacked out……….and could vaguely see an evil grin as I drifted off……….

Cecilia 100WC – Week 23


Chloe and I were searching for the legendary golden statue. We were in a misty dark cave and were pushing through the earth, up to our knees in filthy moldy, water and algae. We sloshed our boots through the wreckage and tried to focus on the map, but I couldn’t. I could swear that a beady pair of huge white eyes were looking at us, watching our every move. The cave seemed to be a death trap, a venus fly trap waiting for its next victims. Suddenly I heard a startling noise, and I was swallowed through the caves mouth.

Callum 100WC – Week 23

It was a hot sunny day and the workers all got to work. I jumped in the drill and started to drill a new mine. I started and I was so nervous because this is my first time using it. I started pushing though the earth. I found gold in about ten minutes and I was happy about my discovery. I jumped out of the drill and and started to dig it out. Then I started again and it went on and on for hours. At the end of the day everybody went home to their families. But I couldn’t.

Maggie 100WC – Week 23

I was running but I couldn’t see where I was going. The early morning sun came through the branches of the trees causing me to feel blinded. Someone was following me. The butterflies in my stomach were starting to turn into large dragonflies. The thick dense woodland was starting to clear away. I could see the pathway coming to an end. In one quick movement  everything went from bad to worse. I could feel my legs pushing through the earth. The quick sand was flowing making me fall quicker. I turned my head to the left only to find the dark shadow approaching…

Alex 100WC – Week 23

The drill was pushing through the earth, moving dirt and with a spin and a push. The men on the drill team sat hunched in front of a tv,eyes staring at the grainy black and white footage of the drill tearing its way through the earths crust. Suddenly the camera shuddered and revealed a hunk of shining blue rock. The men erupted in a storm of yelling and applause. They had found it. After years of searching and fearing what powers it may posses. As the rock got lifted out of the ground a bright glow blinded the men…