Will 100WC – Week 2

It was a very hot day with the hot sun going on my back. I was running to the ice cream store hoping there were no lines. I got there and the line was going right down the street. common why does there have to be a big line. 3 hours later, finally the line has gone down I can finally get my ice cream. I would like to have a lime ice cream thank you. This is not lime ice cream. yes it is. But it is yellow. Oh im sorry i gave lemon sorry. See you tomorrow. OK

Will 100WC – Week 34

These men walking at me. I was so confused they were looking at me like I was the meat and they were the tiger. Then out of nowhere they chased after me I didnt no were to go they were chasing me all around the arena. Then they got me but where could I go. They took me to this room I didnt no what it was it was very dark and gloomy with spray paint everywhere. Then bam they hit me with this hard metal pole and then I didn’t even flinch and then crash the cops came. and arrested them.

Will 100WC – Week 31

I walked in my brothers room it said please don’t enter its very dangerous in here. I was couscous of what was happening until I had the guts to knock on the door. Come in said my brother. I walked in looking around until I saw this giant animal lying on the ground. He said it wasn’t me trying to make a excuse of saying it was not me it was my friend Adam he came over and did it I promise. Ok what time did he come over and he replied fine you got me red handed. Why me?

Will 100WC – Week 28

I walk outside in the dark misty night and my skin was wishing for a bit of hot air. I heard the bushes and trees swinging side to side almost about to full of. Then I heard a noise coming from the distance. It was coming closer. Then suddenly it felt like it was right in front of me.Then suddenly it grab me and run into the scary creepy forest! I tried to escape but I couldn’t escape the grip of something tight he took me to this creepy house. But  I thought I had enough time to run away.  

Will 100WC – Week 27

I would love to be a zookeeper simply because I want to disco with the Elephant, take the Monkeys on in a maths competition, and see if i could beat the Lions in a roar competition. good answers said the manager of the zoo. ‘so tell some reason why you like this zoo’? said the manager. ‘some reason I want to be at the zoo is to really get to know the Animals’. ‘Ok you will hopefully be getting a good letter in November’. ‘ok thank you for letting me come and talk to you. you’re very welcome Jack Davis’.