21st Century Learners

As part of our Inquiry unit this Term we are looking at WHAT IS A 21ST CENTURY LEARNER?

Within our classroom we have looked at how we use a range of tools to support 21st Century Learners they include

  • The Habits of the Mind
  • Multiple IntelligencesIMG_2045
  • The 5 C’s5 C's - 21st Century Learning

Below is a presentation on the Habits of the Mind that the students in 6EK created collaboratively together on in class. As well as photos of how we incorporate the 5 C’s in our learning space.


  • How are you a 21st Century Learner?
  • What tools do you use within the classroom to create a 21st Century Learning space?
  • What tool do you like to use most in our classroom and why? (Skype, Blogs, Twitter, GAFE, Chromebooks, iPads, Verso etc)


Last week the students in 6EK looked at what love meant to them.

Through the use of VersoApp students watched a video on LOVE and then created an anonymous discussion where they answered the question ‘What does LOVE mean to you?’ Once students had done this they then created a collage of what love meant to them.

Student responses to “What does LOVE mean to you?”

  • Love means to take care of someone and the other person will do the same thing for you.
  • Love means doing something that makes you happy or being with someone that makes you happy. 🙂
  • Love to me means that you can love anything in the world but it doesn’t have to be in the relationship way.
  • Love means to me that I love all my family and friends but differently. I love the way I am different from everyone else and I have a different interests and personalities. I love photography, learning and basketball but I know that others don’t like/love the same things as me.
  • There are three different types of love, there is the kissy in love one, there is the liking things one and there is the friends one. I love my family and I like to kiss them goodnight. I like to eat food and play hockey. And I love my friends because they make me feel happy. One big thing about love for me is that it makes me feel happy and good about myself.


  • What do you LOVE?
  • What does LOVE mean to you?
  • What did you learn about LOVE?

What is a 21st Century Learner?

Today we introduced our Inquiry topic for the term.

‘What is a 21st Century Learner?’

This question created a great discussion within our classroom. But, we did not use the tradition method of brainstorming on the whiteboard, we used Verso app.


This app allowed each student to share their response with the class anonymously. This app created a fantastic discussion about what a 21st Century Learner is and if it just included using technology, or rather the whole set up of a classroom where students direct their learning.

Some interesting points of discussion that were created included

  • We use a range of devices including Chromebooks, iPads, Computers, Blogs to support our learning
  • A 21st Century Learner is using technology to help them learn and share their learning with others.
  • When we use this much technology, will the risk of cyber bullying increase or decrease with the new technology?
  • In the olden days they learned so much different to a 21st century learner. We use modern technology, and have a more free decision to learn about what we want to learn, like genius hour. What do you think is the biggest difference between a 21st century learner and an olden day learner?
  • A 21st century learner is a very successful learner because we have so much technology that can help us to be successful in what we do.
  • Would a person still using books and paper still be a 21st century learner or not?
  • What would a learner look like in the next 5 years and how would that be different to now?
  • I think a 21st Century Learner is, someone that uses different types of technology to find an answer.

These are just a few of the discussion questions answered and discussed by the students in 6EK.


  • What did you like most about using Verso App?
  • Do you have any other suggestions on ways we can continue to use VersoApp in our classroom?
  • Would you recommend Verso app to others and why?