Toms 100WC – Week 28


It was a windy and gloomy day. I was with my  cousin and brother we were all alone in a old and  crummy house. I was sacred in fright to  thunder and creepy shaking trees waving at me. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. we quickly hid in a cupboard. Then my cousin dropped a old precious glass vase from one of the shelves on top of us and I tried to reach it but I thought I had enough time. The footsteps got closer and closer until it stopped and said who is there.Then we quickly escaped…….  

Toms 100WC – Week 27

I was on trip to an amazing zoo. The zoo was 6 hours away and it was already night time. Soon we arrived at the zoo but sadly it was closed because it was night time. Then a man with a shiny hat and a blue coat appeared and he asked me would you like to see the amazing night zoo. I was so excited and I said yes then he asked me why would you like to be a night zookeeper? Then I replied and said because I am brave and I love animals. Then he surprisingly said yes.

Toms 100WC – Week 26


I was going to Melbourne Zoo with my classmates and teachers and soon we arrived with Shook to find out that the Melbourne Zoo has been closed to a missing tiger that has been loose. At night time that day one of my friend’s dad got attacked by the tiger that was loose. As I was outside riding my bike uphill suddenly the tiger appeared and jumped over my head. I called my parents and he said look up can you see the tiger and that moment they quickly called the zoo keepers and put him back where he belonged.  


Toms 100WC – Week 25


I was on a flight to Malaysia with my family on a holiday  and I was in a really good mood to have a holiday after a exhausting year at school. I was looking out at the sea and beside my was and old lady and she looked cranky and also nice but when she lifted the lid  I suddenly heard a  sparkling sound outside the plane. I was scared with shock after hearing that sound. There  was fire on the engines and the passengers on the plane were panicking even me. Is this the end of I going to die and would we make it………………

Toms 100WC – Week 24


Once upon there use to be a boy called Pinocchio he use to be a decent boy until he got an Chromebook on his birthday. He was always using the Chromebook for being naughty and bullying others. His nose kept on getting longer and longer until it was 20 meters. Then one day as he was surfing online a browser popped up saying get a trip to the wonderland and it asked for his parents credit card number phone number and email address.Pinocchio typed all of his details and then suddenly the Chromebook sucked him into a different universe.