Shaun 100WC – Week 2

One hot summers day we went to the beach. The sun was hot and everything was amazing. The water was a glistening blue colour shining in the sun. We went to get and ice-cream. I got a lemon flavour. But it was yellow. Its ment to be white. ARGHH! I punched the ice-cream man in the face. He howled and called the cops. I dropped my ice-cream and ran for my life while my family watched in horror. I didn’t know I was about to start a life on the run. A junior crime lord. I would never see my family again. What have I done?!???!?!?!?!?!?

Shaun 100WC – Week 32

I was exploring the deep dark cave.I was searching for the most rare little statue ever.I started to hear something weird but I kept on going deeper.I came to see to creatures that looked like hairy caveman.They were speaking so different.Even some of the words sounded like a foreign language.They were kinda blocking my way to get to the little statue.I called to them and said in a loud voice.”Hey can you move”.They turned and looked at me like I was some sort of UFO.Then they leaped.They were little but strong and they started to choke.Really hard. 

Shaun 100WC – Week 30

It was mothers day 5:30a.m.I was baking a cake for mum.She was snoring her head of so it was a good idea to do as a surprise. I grabbed the recipe book and went straight to chocolate cake.I went to the cupboard to get the ingredients and when I opened the cupboard door I saw a horrible sight.I was staring straight into a big black rats eyes.It was nibbling cheese.I started to see it twitch.I t looked me and leaped. I was scared for getting rabies.Yuck foaming mouth.

Shaun 100WC – Week 29

But I couldn’t find the egg.Crafty mums making impossible hiding spots for our easter egg hunt every easter. I was searching for the biggest ever 1 tonne egg I saw delivered by a truck earlier this morning.Surely you’re probably thinking that it wouldn’t be that hard to find a 1 tonne easter egg.Its not hollow so its small.We live on a farm so I guess that it wouldn’t be that hard to find it.”HAVE YOU FOUND ANYTHING” shouts mum from the house.I sigh and say”not yet mum” hopefully soon.Oh well gotta run.

Shaun 100WC – Week 26

Tom look up! Can you see that.”See what”asked Richard confused and puzzled.”That”Exclaimed Tom.Soaring above them was a giant U.F.O.The boys struggled against the pulling of the U.F.O trying to abduct them.To them it felt like they were running through thick ,black  ,gluggly tar.They couldn’t take the force of it any longer so they gave up.As they slowly drifted up they weren’t sure what life would be like wherever they were heading.When the U.F.O had left Tom’s mum stepped out and shouted”dinners ready!”But there was no reply…


Shaun 100WC – Week 25

Hannah was curious about was in the box.But when she lifted the lid a blinding light filled the room causing Hannah to stumble backwards and made her smash her mother’s new vase. She knew she would be in trouble so she jumped in the box and she was teleported to a whole new world.Her life was about to change forever. Hannah didn’t know where that box she came in went because all she could see was a bright light at the end of the street so she went to go and check it out. But when she was welcomed in she was out cold…


Shaun 100WC – Week 24

Pinocchios iPhone 5S

ONCE UPON A TIME Geppetto Pinocchios father was making some more wood toys. He made an wooden iPhone 5S and he gave it to pinocchio as a present.He added all his friends on messages ready to have fun. That day when he went to school he wrote a nasty message to his best-friend that said:”YOU’RE a FAT, FATTY”. Pinocchio went home that day very happy of himself but then his nose started rapidly growing longer and longer until!

CRACK!He had broken his iPhone 5S.He was extremely  disappointed in himself for lying to his friends about them.