Exploring Persuasive Texts

The last few weeks we have been looking at Persuasive texts and different techniques and ways people persuade other in believing different things. Some things we have looked at have included Advertisements, Persuasive writing, and Debates.


“I really enjoyed debating, I had never done it before and it was a really good experience. My team was the affirmative team and we were debating about video games are a waste of time” – Cecilia

“I really enjoyed debating. It was my fist time doing it and it was awesome. I was in the negative team for animals should be kept in zoo’s, luckily my fantastic team won! I loved debating and I would love to do it again.” – Issy

“I really enjoyed debating, my groups topic was that video games were a waste of time. My group disagreed with this topic. I am looking forward to doing another debate” – Joseph 

“Debating was awesome! I really liked the idea of reading that we could debate. our topic was video games are a waste of time. I was on the affirmative team but I really wanted to agree with the negative team”! – Julian

“I was very excited about debating until I had to get up and present in front of the class. I became nervous and I did not like it.” – Naeve 

“I really liked debated as I got to argue with others about my topic” – Patrick 


  • Video games are a waste of time
  • Technology should be banned in schools
  • Animals should be kept in zoos

Persuasive Writing:


Should Miss K be awarded teacher of the year?

Below are some of the students in 6EK writing.








TeacheroftheyearNOT-Issy – Beware this might not be true…

TeacheroftheYear-Anthony Warning, this file contains lots of negative comments. However, this is not true. Miss K is the best teacher I have ever had. I just thought it would be fun to disagree and experiment with my writing.


  • What do you like about persuasive writing?
  • What do you need to remember when writing a persuasive text?
  • Have you ever debated before? If yes, what was the topic, would you like to do it again?



This week we have been looking at persuasive features in advertisements.

We have explored both commercials and advertisements on billboards, bus stops, trams, newspapers etc.

Some key features that we have discovered are:


This presentation was created to explore how Advertisements use these strategies. Can you see what persuasive devices have been used in the following advertisements?

We then created our own advertisements trying to sell random objects in our classroom. Below are our commercials and posters. What persuasive devices have we used to convince you to buy these random objects?

Ruler – Alex, Isabelle, Patrick & Callum.

Orange Pen – Julian, Maggie, Naeve & Breianna 

Rubber Duck: Amy, Jesse & Mary

Rubber/ Sharpener – Will, Charlie, Cecilia and Claudia

Super Sphere: Anthony, Ella & Fraser

Frog – Joseph, Madeleine, Jasmine & Shaun


  • What have you learnt about advertisements?
  • What commercial did you enjoy most?
  • What techniques did you see being used in the commercials/ posters?