Naeve 100WC – Week 26


The sound of birds made my eyes water and my shoulders drop. I was in my garage searching for my beautiful Red blue and Yellow bird sponge. I called him sponge because after it rained he would soak out so much water. I got him when I was 5 years old and he has  been my best friend ever since. Last night I was on a walk with sponge and this morning I walked to his cage and found he was missing. A big scream came from the kitchen. Look up! can you see. “Sponge” I screamed. “You came back!”

Naeve 100WC – Week 24

Jack and the Large Green Branch

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a man named Jack. Jack lived in a very small rusty house. Each morning Jack would collect his daily food from the farmer and give the farmer three of his seeds. The next day Jack walked up to the farmer and collected his daily food and paid him three seeds. A blue red and Purple seed. That night when Jack was asleep he felt a cool breeze pass. He walked outside and found a large green branch slowly creep along the road. Jack laughed and walked back to bed.