Maggie 100WC – Week 34

The old dwelling on the hill swayed with the violent wind. I looked outside only to find that the world had transformed into a dark blur and immense droplets of water were teeming from above. A strange rattle came from my bedroom so I went to take a peek. Hiding behind my window was a dark shadow. I ran into the kitchen but where could I go. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. One minute I was tucked underneath the bench, the next I was lying down on the Floor. How could this night have gone so wrong?

Maggie 100WC – Week 26

The Perfect Day

The sun was shining down onto the frosty farmland. The mountains in the background screaming with happiness. Summer woke up with a smile on her face, she knew this was going to be a good day. She ran out onto the field with the fluffy sheep. “Look up! Can you see the clouds?” she whispered. Summer lay back onto the dry, crusty grass looking for some clouds. She found all sorts of things monkeys, dogs, flowers, etc. As Summer stood up her perfect day suddenly turned into her worst nightmares. A razor fang bit into her leg injecting the poison…


Maggie 100WC – Week 25

The Chest

The waves crashed onto the shore of the mysterious land out at sea. The evening sun transformed the sky into a lovely peachy shade. Through the dense green tropical rainforest lay a little wooden hut, up in a fig tree the size of the moon. Lucy slowly approached the fore shore, when something odd caught the corner of her eye. When she took a closer peek, she found a chest. The chest was old and it had this look about it, as if it was waiting, just waiting for someone to open it and uncover what was inside. But when she lifted the lid…  

Maggie 100WC – Week 24


The sound of Little Red skipping echoed through the dark woodland. Clippity clop, clippity clop. Her red coat flapping through the breeze filling the air with happiness and joy. On her left arm hung a beautiful basket full of fresh raspberry muffins for her grandmother. A rustle in the blackberry bush made Little Red come to a halt. A sudden ring from in the bush made Little Red jump with surprise. Out of nowhere appeared the big bad wolf wearing a sheriff’s hat completed with a dark beige button up shirt with a rusty star hanging next to his collar……