Julian 100WC – Week 35

It was a cold and windy day as Josh was trying to get through the gateway to hell (Gates of school). It was the parent teacher interviews when the sun was just setting and the sky was turning black. Josh walked into the assembly hall where all the teachers were behind their daunting desks… Josh had butterflies in his stomach but he felt relieved when he saw his best friend Anthony. They saw the teachers talking to their parents and sweat was running down his forehead. Anthony was just as nervous as Josh. He was shaking! It was the worst!

Julian 100WC – Week 34

I was stranded on a remote island looking for refuge. I couldn’t remember anything! All I remember  was going on a fishing chip with my father, then a massive tornado came… I woke up. I started collecting firewood for a huge fire to set when I saw a ship. I circled the island looking for a cave or somewhere to camp but where could I go? There was nowhere to go so it looked like I had to collect wood and build myself a shelter. I had to get food as well but luckily there were lots of fruit trees.

Julian 100WC – Week 26

Jack and Jill were going to try to fly their fathers jet plane. They were so excited as they ate lunch. They were going to fly it at 2:30. It was almost time to begin. They quickly ran to the plane and tried to start it up. It ran out of fuel! They had to run to the store. While they were running to the store there was a plane! “look up! Can you see? Yes said Jill as they bought the fuel and ran back they put it in the plane and started it up. They were flying!