Jesse 100WC – Week 32

It was summer holidays I was extremely bored it didn’t feel at all like summer it was bucketing outside so I had to think something to do so I went outside to check the weather and the street had turned into the sea and there were ships sailing around then I closed the door to tell mum but then I saw it I could hear it speaking to me it some of the words sounded like a foreign language and I ran I looked back it was still chasing me  I called out but there was no one there to hear me.

Jesse 100WC – Week 24

Sleeping Beauty

There once was a king and queen they had a baby girl. It was the day of the christening they invited all the fairies in the magical kingdom except the bad fairy she was the worst fairy ever. later on in the day all the fairies were giving the baby gifts like wisdom and good looks then all of a sudden bam the bad fairy appeared and everyone went silent well I wasn’t invited but i’ve still got a gift for your child I give her no brain bad looks and a bottomless bottom now she will have no friends.