Isabelle 100WC – Week 34

It was a dark misty night and I felt like someone was following me. The fog started to blur my eyes I started shaking, was someone really following me? As I walked faster I felt like more and more people were following me. CRACK I turned around someone had ran out into the bushes, I looked down to phone I was dialling a number but no my phone screen went black it died! I started sprinting but where could I go, I sprinted to my car the wind was blowing in my face and I just didn’t know what to do! “AHHHH!”

To be continued

Isabelle 100WC – Week 26

The breeze of the cold air was rushing through my hair. I was stretching and pulling trying to get myself up. I could see that the sun was rising, I turned around to see the bright red hot sun, my eyes started glowing. My brother wasn’t far behind I said to him look up! Can you see, he turned around his face was turning bright red and he was hypnotised by the sun. We started walking faster to  get up the mountain but the wind was getting stronger. Finally we got up and sat there waiting for our eyes to light up. And they did.


Isabelle 100WC – Week 25

Kate was playing outside on her tire swing. The sun was out the breeze was going through her hair she was having a great day. Then she heard a rumble, she ignored it and started playing again then she heard it again. Kate decided that she was hungry. So she got the bread and the jam and started making it but when she lifted the lid it sucked her in. She was in a jar with a bunch of jam. Kate was stuck but she decided to make the most of it by pretending it was a pool. As she dived in the jar started shaking…

Isabelle 100WC – Week 24

Mary Poppins

The sound of Burts harmonica was booming out of the park. Then all of a sudden a breeze came he pulled out his phone to check where the breeze was coming from, it was from the east he knew who was coming. Then Mary Poppins appeared out of nowhere Burt got frightened and jumped 10 meters high! Then Mary pulled out of her bottomless  bag a robot she shouted to Burt “my business has taken off I’m now going to use robots!” The robots were doing a great job but then they took over Mary and the rest of England!