Generating ideas for Writing.

Today the students in 6EK worked on how they can generate ideas for story writing. I created a Google Doc and shared this with the class. Each student needed to state a moment/statement. Then the students asked each other questions about their moments.  This was done through the comment feature on GoogleDocs. Once student had done this they then added an image to their moment and an emotion by taking a selfie on their Chromebook.

Once the students had created a moment, image and emotion it gave them the idea to begin to write their story.

This lesson idea came from Wendy Gorton. 

Writing 1picture 3Writing 5 Writing 2writing 4


  • What did you like about this lesson?
  • What did you learn from this lesson?
  • Would you recommend other classes to do this activity to help them think of ideas for their stories? Why?