Genius Hour Projects

Our Term 3 & 4 Genius Hour Projects. 

Student Projects:

Fraser and Shaun: How can we create new sport games for teachers to use with their classes?

Isabelle, Claudia, Naeve, Madeleine and Amy: 

How can we inform students and teachers in our school to stop bullying?

Will and Callum: 

Lego Model of our school

Ella and Cecilia: How might we improve children’s lifestyle, wellbeing and awareness? 

TECS Website

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 8.41.02 am

Alex and Charlie: How Might we Redesign Sports Equipment to improve Sport. 

Breianna and Maggie: How can we inform people on how to save Panda’s? 

Julian, Joseph and Jesse: How can we create our own book with our choice of recipes?

Link to PowToon Video:

Anthony: How can we engage students to use technology through building robots?

Term 2 Genius Hour Presentation

Today we shared our Genius Hour presentations via a Google Hangout OnAir. If you missed it do not worry you can watch the video below.

We have also provided the presentations and Sites that we created for you to have a look. We would love some feedback and questions..

Ella – Is it worth going to a store to buy a book?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Fraser – How can I convince my parents to play more video games?

Alex – How can I teach kids about photography?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Cecilia – How can I inform people about Bonobos and how to save them?


Site Link – Only works under school domain

Amy and Isabelle – How can we inform primary school children about Type 1 Diabetes?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Will – What does it take to make a homemade drumkit?

Callum and Charlie – How can we advertise Corowa?
SITE Link – Only works under school domain

Joseph and Shaun – What is the  best gaming console for you?

Site Link – Only works under school domain

Breianna – What does it take to build a model house?

Site link  – Only works under school domain

Maggie – How do plants benefit the earth and what can I produce in my garden to benefit them? 

Anthony and Patrick – How can we improve others basketball skills?

Site Link – Only works under school domain.

Claudia – What does it take to design my own dress?

Madeleine and Naeve – How can we stop people from smoking?

Julian and Jesse – How can we make a motorised boat?


  • What did you like about 6EK’s Genius Hour projects?
  • Do you have any suggestions/ questions for any of the students in 6EK?
  • If you were to do Genius Hour what would be your non-googleable question?

6EK Genius Hour Presentations

Last week the students in 6EK presented their Genius Hour presentations via a scheduled Google Hangout. The reason we had a Google Hangout was to allow our parents who work or are unable to come into our classroom at a scheduled time, to view the students fantastic Genius Hour presentations.
In having a Google Hangout our parents could watch from work or at home. We also invited some of our Blogging Buddies to watch the fantastic work we had done this term.
We would also like to thank St Marks for the fantastic questions they asked us about our presentations.


  • What did you like most about presenting using a Google Hangout?
  • If you could change one thing what would it be?
  • If you watched our Google Hangout LIVE we would love to know how many people were in the room with you watching? Where about in the world were you watching from?

Genius Hour

Class 6EK is taking part in Genius Hour. If you are wondering what it is watch the video below.

The students in 6EK are given one hour of class time to research and investigate a topic that they like. But the topic that they investigate must follow the following three rules

  • There needs to be a question that they want to answer that can not be answered by Google.
  • They must do research on their topic
  • They need to share their findings with others.

Within 6EK some students are working individually and others are working in pairs or small groups.


  • What do you like most about Genius Hour?
  • What is your question you are researching?
  • Why did you choose to research this question?