Fraser 100WC – Week 12

He was shocked to find…

A guard took off his hat he had been shot numerous times in the head but was still alive. The lord of Nulth was furious as he grabbed the bag and tossed it away into the darkness of his house. “ Go away and go catch a real dirty filthy animal and bring him to me immediately”. As he ran away, the sound of weeping slowed down. Lord of Nulth was beginning to smell something in his nostrils it was not a very pleasant smelt either. After about a minute Lord of Nulth was on the ground what was the smell.

Fraser 100WC – Week 26


It was 9 o’clock p.m. Lachie, Sophie and michael had been gone from there home for thirteen long hours they had also not eaten either so they were extremely famished and they were lost. Then Sophie found food on the ground and was not to fully positive to pick it up and eat it. Then just as she was about to pick it up Lachie swooped down and picked it up and took a bit. He turned into a blood sucking, mouth watering, hairy, 11 foot monster. Then Sophie said “LOOK UP! CAN YOU SEE! Then they ran away for there own safety.