Number Patterns

This week in 6EK, we have been investigating different number patterns and sequences.

Some things we have focused on include:

  • Factors
  • Prime Numbers
  • Counting Numbers
  • Square Numbers
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Pascal’s Triangle
  • Triangular Numbers

We investigated Prime Numbers using Eratosthenes’ Sieve (pronounced AIR-a-TOSS-the-knees). This lesson was very interesting where students were able to make connections between Prime Numbers and Factors using Eratosthenes’ Sieve.

We also investigated Pascal’s Triangle and how it linked to other Number patterns/ sequences that included counting numbers, triangular numbers, doubling and factors (PLUS many more including Tetrahedral Numbers).

IMG_2078 IMG_2073 IMG_2076 IMG_2074 IMG_2080


  • Explain one of the Number Patterns/Sequences that we have investigated this week?
  • What was your favourite part of this week’s activities?
  • Do you know what Tetrahedral Numbers are?