Ella 100WC – Week 5

I tripped down the old wooden stairs to get down to the basement. A few had holes in them, seeing that the house was old. As I looked around I saw lots of boxes. They looked ancient. I didn’t want to touch any, but I felt attracted to a certain box that sat in the corner. The floorboards creaked with every step I took. The box was labelled with “positively do  not open” but I had to. I tugged the lid open revealing creepy dolls. I was about to pick up a doll when I heard mumbled whispers behind me.

Ella 100WC – Week 32

I stepped off the plane and looked around me. This definitely was not the place I booked my holiday. The ground looked like coal and the sky was unexplainable. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language!  I could barely breath while trying to pull my bag. I couldn’t see ANYTHING! This was supposed to be my getaway, my trip to Hawaii! The doors to the airport were blurred out with smoke. Was this even Hawaii? I finally could see someone and I hurriedly walked up to them. I tapped them on the shoulder and when they turned around I saw their face and knew it wasn’t Hawaii….  Dirty Old Town - Wikipedia,

Ella 100WC – Week 24


Alice just got a brand new laptop and was already on it straight away. Suddenly on the laptop there was a pop-up screen that read “come join in wonderland…” Instantly she clicked on the screen and put in all her personal details, then the world started spinning and she felt like she was falling. THUMP! She plonked on the ground and a cat appeared out of no-where. “Hello Alice, how are you?” whispered the cat. Than her phone vibrated. “Meet me at 12:00 for a tea party – Mad Hatter.” Alice screamed and then she became really dizzy…

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