Charlie 100WC – Week 34

I was in a massive hedge maze at the park i was running around with my friends. But then i got lost and thought to myself “but where could I go.” The hedge maze was as big and wide as a cruise ship. I was starting to panic then I saw something It was looked kind of like a shiny plastic then I went to pick it up then I heard someone coming. It was my friends it seemed forever since I had seen them. They all had smiles on their faces but I don’t know why. Then one of them took off his mask……

Charlie 100WC – Week 32

As i was walking past the all the bushes down the road I heard my name called I Looked behind me and no one was there. I looked to the side then I saw two very tall men they were talking some of the words sounded like a foreign language. the men started to come closer to me then i started thinking to myself should I run ? then I ran back home where my Mum was there. she was just standing there like she was frozen or something. I ran up stairs where my dog was he came up to me and licked me so much I nearly died.

Charlie 100WC – Week 27

I would like to become a night zookeeper because I like writing scary things. I think it would also be really fun writing about monsters and aliens. I also think it would be entertaining for people to read my stories. It would also be fun in my spare time to write and read other peoples stories. It would be good to do it with my friends and other students from around the world. I like to write descriptive words and scary endings to stories. I like to enter my 100WC every week and I want to get my work showcased.

Charlie 100WC – Week 25

                              THE JAR                    

It was a lonely windy night. You could hear the wind howling in the trees and big dogs barking I was scared . I could taste the cool air in my mouth and everywhere I looked i saw dark. I went into the kitchen  i saw a jar I had never seen before. but when she lifted the lid she put it straight back down. Then she heard a creak it was the front door what was she going to do? she ran up the dusty old stairs and into her room. she locked the door and sat in the corner who was behind the old door…