Callum 100WC – Week 8

The was a man the was scary and loved to take people and eat them. He would do this everyday . One day he took a baby and the police saw him and ran straight over and the man run away. the police called in backup. He ran and ran until he stopped and gave the baby to the police and said I sorry. But he took the baby back and ran away and said bye bye police and wasn’t looking where he was looking and ran into a tree and when the police came up to him said it was a…..

DSCF3964 Week#8


Callum 100WC – Week 3

photoXX12X Week#3

The it a hot day in the sun and the builders are working all day on the bridge. At the end of the first day it was ¼ finished. On the next day the builders were work all day again but instead of sun it was raining all day. At the end of the day every one went home. They only got ½ done. The next day they all got a day off. the day after they went back to work but because it wasn’t finished and it was not stable it fall because wind yesterday. They started it again.  


Callum 100WC – Week 34

I was so excited that I was nearly finished school. I was already looking for universities to goto. school had finished and I head that I was going to Melbourne university. I pack all my things and mum drove me to the university. When I got there I was so excited. Mum drove off and I walked in and I went to the front desk. I said where is my room and the asked for my name and I wasn’t even in to MU (Melbourne University). I went and outside. “But where could I go” said Jack. I call mum…

Callum 100WC – Week 31

The Giant Bee

I was running when I saw a BIG BEE fall from the sky. When I saw it I was so scared I pooped my pants. I went home to get changed out of my pants and call a scientist to come and see if it was real or it was a freak bee. They came to see the huge bee. It was bigger then two of them on top of each other. The scientists   did some tests. They thought if they touched the stinger of the HUGE bee it might kill  them.t Then I touched it…   

Callum 100WC – Week 29

But I Couldn’t Find The Egg

It was the time. It was finally EASTER and  I run outside to go and find the jumbo egg before my brother and sister. I was looking for the egg when I heard my brother and sister getting up to find the egg to so I ran inside and made myself breakfast. They didn’t know I was looking for it. When we all went outside at the same time I went to where I saw it. But I couldn’t find the egg, it was gone. I said to myself where is it. I looked everywhere in the backyard.

Callum 100WC – Week 27

The Night Of The Zoo Keeper

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I would like to see the magical animals at night. I also think it would be a keeper. It would be a lot of fun to be a night zoo keeper for me. Also just the job would be a great job and I’ve always been wondering what would be there at night. I think it would be just like a security guard but better because its at night with animals. I think I would be good for the job because I wanted to be a police a a kid.

Callum 100WC – Week 26

Bad Movie

I was so excited to go to the horror movie. I was called THE RISE OF THE DEAD GUYS it would be the best movie i think it is going to be the best. I got to the movie and I was excited. I walked in first it was going to be great. The movie started and I got my popcorn and drink ready. I got distracted by my mum then my sister look up! Can you see on the screen its Action-man his here. I go to look and I spill my drink in my popcorn. The doors closed…

Callum 100WC – Week 25

Finally the box came I was so excited to see what was in the box. She straight away picked up the box and put it on the dining room table.  She went to get the knife to get the tape off the box. She cut the tape off. But when she lifted the lip she fall in the box and she came back out and she was a baby again. Then her mum came and said what. A baby really. Mum was a really mean person now because of work so now I know  I would grow up differently again.


Callum 100WC – Week 24

The 3 Little Police and the Jail Bird

Once upon a time there was 3 little pigs they made their house out of straw, sticks and bricks. The 1st pig was on his mac and then he heard a car pull up in the driveway so he took him to jail and the wolf was really sad and he caught the wolf and he went to jail. Then he came out of jail and went to the 2nd pigs house and then he was there but he was a police officer to so he went to the 3rd pigs and he called the police because he is not.