Breianna 100WC – Week 3

Me and my family where in France for 1 month. Our tour was going to start tomorrow for 10 days…

Through the tour

We have come to this old bridge to walk over. Big whoop I said to my mum. When we got out of the van I ran to the other side. I heard something but didn’t pay any attention to it. I went back to the other side passing all the other people. By the time everyone got to the other side the whole bridge collapsed under us. The last thing I remember seeing is the skies up above.

Breianna 100WC – Week 34

Just as I was walking along the narrow, bushy, smelly track. I stumbled to see there was nothing to stumble on and I definitely didn’t stumble on my own feet. I just kept on going, but then out of the blue I heard a noise in the bushes. I was curious because I didn’t know what the noise was. I ran as quickly as I could, following the noise up the track. But the noise was too loud and it was everywhere. I wanted to get away from it, but where could I go? The track was blocked all around me.

Breianna 100WC – Week 32

As I was sailing away in my rusty old boat I thought to myself that no one will ever try do this in their lives but I knew I was going to die anyway so there was no harm in going on a trip around the world. One day into my trip I work up and saw the fog was coming in. At this stage I didn’t know where I was but then suddenly my small boat hit a big ship. I saw this person that looked like the captain leaned over the edge but I couldn’t understand him, some of the words sounded like a foreign language.  


Breianna 100WC – Week 31

Just me in the dark and misty woods all alone not know where I was. But then suddenly I fell in a trap and sooner or later I was taken out of the trap, that I was in for hours. Not thinking at all I ran to a door and opened it but to my horror I saw a big bee, as big as a house with two men. One was poking the bee and the other well he was taking photos of the bee. The bee was dead to my relief but then it was suddenly flying to me.

Breianna 100WC – Week 27

I’d love a job as a night zookeeper because all the spying giraffes, time travelling elephants, car driving iguana’s and flying zebras will not stand a chance when I’m laughing my head off watching their antics. It would also be great for those dark foggy nights where there will be glowing penguins lighting the way. It will also be a great help when on a clear night if a jumping rolling lion escapes I’ll ask the howling meerkats to warn everyone to look out. It would be awesome when the cleaning porcupine’s give everyone a wash all in a line.

Breianna 100WC – Week 26

So when I was doing my work (when my friends were on school camp) on my computer in my google drive doing the 100WC. Something came up on my screen. It said “YOU HAVE WON A IPHONE” I clicked on it and 3 seconds later I was I was well I was in the computer. It was like a town. I went to a house and the people there said “ look up! Can you see it coming”. I had no idea what that meant. But I kept on asking. So I decided to say it and I returned back at school.