Book Week in 6EK

As it is our school concert this week , we have not had a traditional Book Week. But we have been looking at some of the shortlists picture books and doing a range of interesting activities to reflect on the shortlisted books.

Some books we have read include

  • Captain James Cook
  • Jandamarra
  • Parachute
  • Big Red Kangaroo
  • The Treasure Box

Below are some activities we did on each book.

Jandamarra: – We looked at Indigenous Australian Dreamtime stories.

 The Treasure Box – We reflected on words that describe special treasure, feelings and emotions related to war through creating newspaper collage.

 Big Red Kangaroo –  We use the images from this text to reflect on other Australian animals by writing a free verse poem.


  • What book have you enjoyed most and why?
  • Which book would recommend for others to read and why?
  • What activity did you enjoy most and why?