This week we have been looking at persuasive features in advertisements.

We have explored both commercials and advertisements on billboards, bus stops, trams, newspapers etc.

Some key features that we have discovered are:


This presentation was created to explore how Advertisements use these strategies. Can you see what persuasive devices have been used in the following advertisements?

We then created our own advertisements trying to sell random objects in our classroom. Below are our commercials and posters. What persuasive devices have we used to convince you to buy these random objects?

Ruler – Alex, Isabelle, Patrick & Callum.

Orange Pen – Julian, Maggie, Naeve & Breianna 

Rubber Duck: Amy, Jesse & Mary

Rubber/ Sharpener – Will, Charlie, Cecilia and Claudia

Super Sphere: Anthony, Ella & Fraser

Frog – Joseph, Madeleine, Jasmine & Shaun


  • What have you learnt about advertisements?
  • What commercial did you enjoy most?
  • What techniques did you see being used in the commercials/ posters?