Ella 100WC – Week 5

I tripped down the old wooden stairs to get down to the basement. A few had holes in them, seeing that the house was old. As I looked around I saw lots of boxes. They looked ancient. I didn’t want to touch any, but I felt attracted to a certain box that sat in the corner. The floorboards creaked with every step I took. The box was labelled with “positively do  not open” but I had to. I tugged the lid open revealing creepy dolls. I was about to pick up a doll when I heard mumbled whispers behind me.

Alex 100WC – Week 5

As I looked around I realized what a strange life I now live, no water, no food, no home. Nothing. The streets have become grubby and polluted with the sorrow and despair of the city’s residents. The sound of the constant bombardment of bullets and bombs echoes off the crumpled walls of demolished buildings that once stood tall. Cars are now a distant memory of what was once a reality. What was once a cosmopolitan city has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Every day is a struggle just to survive and I live everyday like it is my last. Because it might as well be.

Alex 100WC – Week 4

“May I have the pepper crocodile with a glass of orange juice. And make it snappy” His southern accent was still present even after years away from his home. But as the waiter looked at him quizzically he spoke again. “Oh I forgot, this is an established diner and crocodile isn’t available!” He made emphasis on the word established by making little quotation marks above his head. He had made his point clear that he was unhappy and left in a storm of rage, but he had left a note that read.

Only the strong of the world will survive not the soft. Be aware!


‘What’s Your Story?’

This week in 6EK we have been very excited with the arrival of an old suitcase from the Melbourne Immigration museum. This suitcase is filled with objects and photos which tells the stories of five immigrants that have come to Australia. The reasons and times that these people have migrated vary but there stories all make us remember that without different countries’ traditions and cuisine Australia wouldn’t be the same country that it is today.

The five people that we looked at were Setsutaro Hasegawa from Japan, The Gung Family from China, Karl Muffler from Germany, Zurlia Ismail from Indonesia and Nickel Mundabi from Africa. We made a presentation that described the life of each of these.

After we had explored each migration story in small groups we then wrote a diary entry.


  • What did you learn from the suitcase?
  • What was your favourite story?
  • What would your families story be?

Alex 100WC – Week 3

“Are you sure we should do this?” I asked, my voice trailed off as I looked at the bridge’s siluet in the distance. It seemed to hover just over the mysterious grey of the raging river. “It will be fine.” Jimmy exclaimed. “It’s only half a bridge, no one will know it was us.” I agreed and had one last glimpse at the bridge. I took a deep breath and threw the bomb. Over the water,through the sky and landing on the bridge. It erupted in a blazing ball of gas, fire and smoke. I turned to run but…   


Callum 100WC – Week 3

photoXX12X Week#3

The it a hot day in the sun and the builders are working all day on the bridge. At the end of the first day it was ¼ finished. On the next day the builders were work all day again but instead of sun it was raining all day. At the end of the day every one went home. They only got ½ done. The next day they all got a day off. the day after they went back to work but because it wasn’t finished and it was not stable it fall because wind yesterday. They started it again.  


Breianna 100WC – Week 3

Me and my family where in France for 1 month. Our tour was going to start tomorrow for 10 days…

Through the tour

We have come to this old bridge to walk over. Big whoop I said to my mum. When we got out of the van I ran to the other side. I heard something but didn’t pay any attention to it. I went back to the other side passing all the other people. By the time everyone got to the other side the whole bridge collapsed under us. The last thing I remember seeing is the skies up above.

Cecilia 100WC – Week 3

He is following me. I can feel his dark shadow hovering behind me, watching my every move. France isn’t that big, I couldn’t keep running for forever. “I got ya” yelled a thick voice behind me…SCREAM! A cold beasts hand was on my shoulder, this wasn’t the end. I struggled free and sprinted like the world was on fire. Suddenly I came to a bridge, I could lose him. Down the bridge I ran, then I reached the edge. Oh no!!!!! There was no end, just water, this was either the end of me, or not. I jumped…


In Mathematics we have been learning about BODMAS.



  • What did you learn this week?
  • Can you write a problem for others to solve?
  • Can you solve a problem posed by another student.

Prep 100 Days

RE – RAT – Immigration

This term we have been looking at Australian History through our Inquiry unit “What Makes us Australian?”

As part of this unit students researched a chosen religion and created a suitcase that included:

  • A religious Symbol
  • Letter about their religion and reasons why they migrated to Australia
  • Explanation about our Parish today.

Below are some images of the students suitcases.

Confirmation – The Holy Spirit

We have started to prepare for Confirmation.

Today we looked at scripture in Bible related to the Holy Spirit.

We decided to create a presentation to share these biblical stories as we have got quite a few students away sick. We hope they will read this presentation that we created for them.


  • What is the Holy Spirit?
  • How can you display the Holy Spirit in your life today?
  • What are some representations of the Holy Spirit?

Madeleine 100WC – Week 2

The light

It was 12:00 at night and everyone was sound asleep except me i was still up in my room just listening to music. As i was listening to my music i saw a light shine through my room it came out of nowhere. I carefully got out of bed and walked towards it like i was hypnotized or something. The light got brighter and brighter the more i got closer until everything was yellow. Until all i could see was yellow then i said to myself but everything is yellow it’s meant to be dark because no lights are meant to be on.

Jasmine 100WC – Week 2

The magic door

As I was furiously chasing a fat rat skiddling in my house trying to eat my stuff, I chased it all the way up in the attic. That fat rat disappeared and instead it was pitch black until I saw a little door half opened with bright white light. I opened the door more and the brightness nearly blind my eyes. I cautiously entered the door with the shining light. The light was warm until the light was gone and I saw a castle right in front of my eyes with waterfalls roaring next to it. I thought i was dreaming.

Shaun 100WC – Week 2

One hot summers day we went to the beach. The sun was hot and everything was amazing. The water was a glistening blue colour shining in the sun. We went to get and ice-cream. I got a lemon flavour. But it was yellow. Its ment to be white. ARGHH! I punched the ice-cream man in the face. He howled and called the cops. I dropped my ice-cream and ran for my life while my family watched in horror. I didn’t know I was about to start a life on the run. A junior crime lord. I would never see my family again. What have I done?!???!?!?!?!?!?

Will 100WC – Week 2

It was a very hot day with the hot sun going on my back. I was running to the ice cream store hoping there were no lines. I got there and the line was going right down the street. common why does there have to be a big line. 3 hours later, finally the line has gone down I can finally get my ice cream. I would like to have a lime ice cream thank you. This is not lime ice cream. yes it is. But it is yellow. Oh im sorry i gave lemon sorry. See you tomorrow. OK

Alex 100WC – Week 2

Sand, sun and more sand. The grueling trek through the desert had taken a toll on me. It has been day after day of sand blowing in my face and finding its way to places of my body even I didn’t know exist. But it is yellow, all the sand in this stinking place is yellow! Like, can’t there be some blue sad or pink, make it different! Anyway, after days of walking I came across an old vase with a lid. It was very ornate and I wonder what was inside. I opened the lid to the greatest sight man has ever seen.

Alex 100WC – Week 1

Rendered Image

Ghostly mist hung low over the graveyard. A moon like a spotlight lit up the midnight sky. Gravel crunched beneath our feet as we stumbled under the dark shadows of trees. I pulled out my shovel, with a rusty metal tip and a worn down wooden handle. Finally we can make a start, I thought. I gave my partner a stiff nod and started digging. Our inhuman deed was unbearably disgusting. It was crude, vile, disgraceful. It was wrong. We were to dig up the graves of a rural country town and take any riches that lay six feet under…

Book Week in 6EK

As it is our school concert this week , we have not had a traditional Book Week. But we have been looking at some of the shortlists picture books and doing a range of interesting activities to reflect on the shortlisted books.

Some books we have read include

  • Captain James Cook
  • Jandamarra
  • Parachute
  • Big Red Kangaroo
  • The Treasure Box

Below are some activities we did on each book.

Jandamarra: – We looked at Indigenous Australian Dreamtime stories.

 The Treasure Box – We reflected on words that describe special treasure, feelings and emotions related to war through creating newspaper collage.

 Big Red Kangaroo –  We use the images from this text to reflect on other Australian animals by writing a free verse poem.


  • What book have you enjoyed most and why?
  • Which book would recommend for others to read and why?
  • What activity did you enjoy most and why?