‘What’s Your Story?’

This week in 6EK we have been very excited with the arrival of an old suitcase from the Melbourne Immigration museum. This suitcase is filled with objects and photos which tells the stories of five immigrants that have come to Australia. The reasons and times that these people have migrated vary but there stories all make us remember that without different countries’ traditions and cuisine Australia wouldn’t be the same country that it is today.

The five people that we looked at were Setsutaro Hasegawa from Japan, The Gung Family from China, Karl Muffler from Germany, Zurlia Ismail from Indonesia and Nickel Mundabi from Africa. We made a presentation that described the life of each of these.

After we had explored each migration story in small groups we then wrote a diary entry.


  • What did you learn from the suitcase?
  • What was your favourite story?
  • What would your families story be?

RE – RAT – Immigration

This term we have been looking at Australian History through our Inquiry unit “What Makes us Australian?”

As part of this unit students researched a chosen religion and created a suitcase that included:

  • A religious Symbol
  • Letter about their religion and reasons why they migrated to Australia
  • Explanation about our Parish today.

Below are some images of the students suitcases.

Australian Explorers

We have been looking at Australian History this term. Below are some of our Presentations on different Australian Explorers.


  • What did you learn about Australian Explorers?
  • Did you learn an interesting fact?
  • Is there an explorer who you would like to do more research on?


Term 2 Genius Hour Presentation

Today we shared our Genius Hour presentations via a Google Hangout OnAir. If you missed it do not worry you can watch the video below.

We have also provided the presentations and Sites that we created for you to have a look. We would love some feedback and questions..

Ella – Is it worth going to a store to buy a book?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Fraser – How can I convince my parents to play more video games?

Alex – How can I teach kids about photography?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Cecilia – How can I inform people about Bonobos and how to save them?


Site Link – Only works under school domain

Amy and Isabelle – How can we inform primary school children about Type 1 Diabetes?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Will – What does it take to make a homemade drumkit?

Callum and Charlie – How can we advertise Corowa?
SITE Link – Only works under school domain

Joseph and Shaun – What is the  best gaming console for you?

Site Link – Only works under school domain

Breianna – What does it take to build a model house?

Site link  – Only works under school domain

Maggie – How do plants benefit the earth and what can I produce in my garden to benefit them? 

Anthony and Patrick – How can we improve others basketball skills?

Site Link – Only works under school domain.

Claudia – What does it take to design my own dress?

Madeleine and Naeve – How can we stop people from smoking?

Julian and Jesse – How can we make a motorised boat?


  • What did you like about 6EK’s Genius Hour projects?
  • Do you have any suggestions/ questions for any of the students in 6EK?
  • If you were to do Genius Hour what would be your non-googleable question?

Scienceworks – Our Living Climate

On Friday the year 5 & 6 students went to Scienceworks as part of this terms IBL topic – “What happens when nature goes wrong?”

Below are some of the students reflection posters.

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  • What did you like most about Scienceworks?
  • What did you learn from “Our Living Climate”?
  • Would you recommend for other students to go to Scienceworks?

Genius Hour Term 2

This term we have been working on our questions for Genius Hour. We have been looking at

Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions.

Below are our Non-Googleable questions for our Genius hour projects for Term 2.

Genius Hour Term 2 Q



  • Can you give an example of a Googleable vs Non-Googleable questions?
  • Why is it important to look at Non-Googleable questions?
  • What question intrigues you to know more?
  • What question would you like to investigate?
  • What questions/project are you looking forward to seeing at the end of Term 2? Why?

6EK Genius Hour Presentations

Last week the students in 6EK presented their Genius Hour presentations via a scheduled Google Hangout. The reason we had a Google Hangout was to allow our parents who work or are unable to come into our classroom at a scheduled time, to view the students fantastic Genius Hour presentations.
In having a Google Hangout our parents could watch from work or at home. We also invited some of our Blogging Buddies to watch the fantastic work we had done this term.
We would also like to thank St Marks for the fantastic questions they asked us about our presentations.


  • What did you like most about presenting using a Google Hangout?
  • If you could change one thing what would it be?
  • If you watched our Google Hangout LIVE we would love to know how many people were in the room with you watching? Where about in the world were you watching from?

Term 1 Genius Hour Projects

Cecilia and Breianna:

How can we make different Art and Crafts?
Click on the image to take you to their site.
CB Arts and Craft

Julian, Jesse, Joseph:

What does it take to build a model rocket?

Naeve, Maggie and Isabelle:

Which destination in our around Australia holiday has the biggest population?

Charlie, Will and Fraser:

What are the NAB records?


How far can a golf ball travel?

Click on the link to access the mini-book Anthony created. GeniusHourMiniBook-Anthony

Ella and Amy:

How much would it cost to go on our dream holiday?


What is the history of Canon cameras?

Callum and Patrick:

What is the history of the NBA?

Claudia and Madeleine:

How many styles of dance are there?


What is the history of Apple? What are the aspects of Apple products?


What is the history of planes?

Mary and Jasmine:

What is the evolution of Dinosaurs?


IMG_2355 IMG_2358 IMG_2357IMG_2356


  • What did you learn from these Genius Hour projects?
  • What do you think your next research question will be?
  • What do you like most about Genius Hour?

IBL RAT Presentations- What is a 21st Century Learner?

Julian, Ella, Joseph and Amy:

Alex, Charlie and Jesse

Fraser, Isabelle and Shaun

Jasmine, Madeleine and Naeve

Will and Anthony:

Toms, Patrick and Callum:

Claudia and Breianna

Cecilia, Mary and Maggie:


  • What did you learn about a 21st Century Learner?
  • What did you like most about our RAT’s (Rich Assessment Tasks)?
  • What do you like most about being a 21st Century Learner?

Lead the Way incursion

Today our class had an incursion called ‘Lead the Way’.

This incursion focused on leadership.

Student Reflections:

Ella: – I though it helped you learn about leadership in a fun way.

Issy: – I really liked how they got scenes from The Lorax to teach us.

Alex: – I enjoyed the games we played to help us learn about leadership.

Charlie- I liked how it wasn’t boring and it was fun while learning.

Anthony – I enjoyed the presentation and themini games we played

Amy- I really liked the presentation and all of the games and videos were really fun.

Fraser- Today they told us how to be a good leader.

Joseph- I learnt to be a good leader you need to have good influence

Julian- I learnt how to be a good leader and I really liked the presentation.

Mary- I learnt how to have a good influence on other people.

Shaun-I learnt how to be a good leader.

Jesse They taught me things I didn’t know.

Will Learnt about being a leader

Cecilia: – I learned that you need really good values to be a good leader. I also really enjoyed the games, and the videos they showed us.

Breianna- I learned that you do not have to be the best person to be a leader.

Callum- I learnt to be a better leader.

Toms-I learned that you got to be as  good role model to be a good leader.

Claudia: I learned about how I can be a better leader

Madeleine: I learnt that you have to be a good role model of the school.

Maggie – I liked playing games about being a leader. 

Naeve: – I learned that being a leader is not always about leading the school it can be helping little kids.






  • What makes a good leader?
  • Can you name a leader and explain why they are a leader?
  • What skills can you share with others about being a leader?

21st Century Learners

As part of our Inquiry unit this Term we are looking at WHAT IS A 21ST CENTURY LEARNER?

Within our classroom we have looked at how we use a range of tools to support 21st Century Learners they include

  • The Habits of the Mind
  • Multiple IntelligencesIMG_2045
  • The 5 C’s5 C's - 21st Century Learning

Below is a presentation on the Habits of the Mind that the students in 6EK created collaboratively together on in class. As well as photos of how we incorporate the 5 C’s in our learning space.


  • How are you a 21st Century Learner?
  • What tools do you use within the classroom to create a 21st Century Learning space?
  • What tool do you like to use most in our classroom and why? (Skype, Blogs, Twitter, GAFE, Chromebooks, iPads, Verso etc)

What is a 21st Century Learner?

Today we introduced our Inquiry topic for the term.

‘What is a 21st Century Learner?’

This question created a great discussion within our classroom. But, we did not use the tradition method of brainstorming on the whiteboard, we used Verso app.


This app allowed each student to share their response with the class anonymously. This app created a fantastic discussion about what a 21st Century Learner is and if it just included using technology, or rather the whole set up of a classroom where students direct their learning.

Some interesting points of discussion that were created included

  • We use a range of devices including Chromebooks, iPads, Computers, Blogs to support our learning
  • A 21st Century Learner is using technology to help them learn and share their learning with others.
  • When we use this much technology, will the risk of cyber bullying increase or decrease with the new technology?
  • In the olden days they learned so much different to a 21st century learner. We use modern technology, and have a more free decision to learn about what we want to learn, like genius hour. What do you think is the biggest difference between a 21st century learner and an olden day learner?
  • A 21st century learner is a very successful learner because we have so much technology that can help us to be successful in what we do.
  • Would a person still using books and paper still be a 21st century learner or not?
  • What would a learner look like in the next 5 years and how would that be different to now?
  • I think a 21st Century Learner is, someone that uses different types of technology to find an answer.

These are just a few of the discussion questions answered and discussed by the students in 6EK.


  • What did you like most about using Verso App?
  • Do you have any other suggestions on ways we can continue to use VersoApp in our classroom?
  • Would you recommend Verso app to others and why?