Fraser 100WC – Week 12

He was shocked to find…

A guard took off his hat he had been shot numerous times in the head but was still alive. The lord of Nulth was furious as he grabbed the bag and tossed it away into the darkness of his house. “ Go away and go catch a real dirty filthy animal and bring him to me immediately”. As he ran away, the sound of weeping slowed down. Lord of Nulth was beginning to smell something in his nostrils it was not a very pleasant smelt either. After about a minute Lord of Nulth was on the ground what was the smell.

2 thoughts on “Fraser 100WC – Week 12

  1. I really liked this story and I think it was a bit strange towards the end but overall I loved it I hope you keep entering the 100 Word Challenge.


  2. That was rather a dramatic story. It left me wondering what would happen next – which is always a good thing. Well done for grabbing my interest and for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge this week.

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