Alex 100WC – Week 12

He was shocked to find the frightened body of a child. He took a step back, examining the little boy. His eyes exuded cold and his pupils merged with the irises. He was dressed in a rugged black top with cut skinny jeans. Blood was dripping down his forehead from a cut where he was kicked. He spat in disgust as he stared at the once human form of The Lord of Nulth. The room became tense as the silence grew. The child was scared but he didn’t back down. Then the child made his move. Clawing at The Lord.

2 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 12

  1. Hello Alex,

    What a great entry into this week’s 100 Word Challenge. You have an excellent grasp of descriptive language and have used imagery to good effect. Your writing flows beautifully and was a pleasure to read. It is a shame you have only 100 words, I would love to know how a human form of the Lord could exist at the same time as the metal one!
    My only complaint is that at the start I wasn’t entirely clear which one you were describing at all points.
    You have produced wonderful writing, keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Ms Woodgate for your feedback on my writing. It is a pleasure to hear from you and it is great that you enjoyed my writing. I have really enjoyed writing this 100WC prompt this week.

      Thanks again Alex

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