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  1. Hi it’s Otto, Christian and Jack here!

    We were just wondering what is the pandas biggest predator that makes the panda come close to extinction? We also really liked the website that you created, we found it really creative and informative!

    Thanks for reading BYE (:

  2. Dear Breianna and Maggie,

    We thought your project was really interesting and worthwhile. Pandas are a really interesting topic and you presented it well but maybe next time try and explain your project in more detail. You put a lot of effort in and your Google site was really interesting and informative.

    Next time we hope to see you including and interpreting a lot more information. Try and always back up your information with either ‘because’ or ‘why’.

    We would like to know if you experienced any problems and if so what are they?

    Overall it was a really well thought out project and hopefully you can take our feedback onboard.

    From Patrick, James and Nathan.

  3. Hi Breianna and Maggie, it’s Taylor from St Marks.
    I loved your presentation. I did a bit of research on Critically Endangered Animals but I didn’t do anything on Pandas. I think your project was really worthwhile because it alerted people of how another animal might become Extinct.

    Well that is all from me,
    Taylor 🙂

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