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  1. Hi Isabelle,Claudia, Naeve, Madeleine and Amy,

    We really enjoyed your presentation and your video about bullying and how we can stop it. I wish that next time, you will put in what you learnt. Next time, you could also tell how we could help to stop bullying but besides that, good job on your project!

    From Ashley, Cooper and Sierra

    • Hi Isabelle,Claudia,Naeve, Madeleine and Amy,

      Sorry we forgot to include what we found interesting.
      What we found interesting was the different types of bullying and how people use those different types to bully people.I think you need to include more information in the cyber bullying section next time.


  2. Hey 6EK,

    The 5/6’s at St.Mark’s were very impressed with your presentation. We loved the video and the way your genius hour was produced. We think it is a great idea what you guys are doing to stop bullying! We think that maybe you should present more than a video, maybe presentations or posters. Besides that well done, we see that you put lots of effort in your work. Keep it up!

    From your friends at St.Mark’s 🙂

  3. Hi Isabelle, Claudia, Naeve, Madeleine and Amy.
    I love the fact that you want to inform teachers about bullying and make them more aware of what is happening in school, online, and in other places as well. I was a bully victim for 3 years and not many people stood up for me. So I think that encouraging teachers and maybe even kids to look around and take notice of bullying is great.

    Well, I have to go now. Bye 🙂

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