Genius Hour Projects

Our Term 3 & 4 Genius Hour Projects. 

Student Projects:

Fraser and Shaun: How can we create new sport games for teachers to use with their classes?

Isabelle, Claudia, Naeve, Madeleine and Amy: 

How can we inform students and teachers in our school to stop bullying?

Will and Callum: 

Lego Model of our school

Ella and Cecilia: How might we improve children’s lifestyle, wellbeing and awareness? 

TECS Website

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 8.41.02 am

Alex and Charlie: How Might we Redesign Sports Equipment to improve Sport. 

Breianna and Maggie: How can we inform people on how to save Panda’s? 

Julian, Joseph and Jesse: How can we create our own book with our choice of recipes?

Link to PowToon Video:

Anthony: How can we engage students to use technology through building robots?

69 thoughts on “Genius Hour Projects

  1. Hi guys, it’s Kyle Joell and Rohan here,

    We are commenting on Alex and Charlies Genius hour project . There project was really useful to all basketball players because they can jump higher and score better slam dunks. I think that add some evidence of you trying it out so we can see high you can jump with it on and off. Also in your question you talk about improving multiple sport but you only did basketball

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