Cultural Day

Yesterday we had Cultural Day.

Some activities included:

  • Latin Dancing
  • Origami
  • Making Rice Paper Rolls
  • Making Fried rice
  • Henna
  • Diwali wall hanging Crafts
  • Chinese Christmas Cube Decoration
  • Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories
  • Magic Show


  • What was your favourite activity and why?
  • Did you learn anything new about a particular culture?
  • Did you enjoy Cultural Day and why?

3 thoughts on “Cultural Day

  1. My favourite activities were making origami and watching the magic show. I enjoyed the origami because I love making new things and I like art. I enjoyed the magic show because the magic tricks were AMAZING and the magician was hilarious.
    I learnt how to do the Latin dance and it was very new to me. I absolutely loved Cultural Day because it’s a day where everyone can enjoy other people’s cultures and learn about new things.

  2. I really enjoyed cultural day! My favourite activity was the dancing because it made you feel happy and bubbly. I also like making origami because of the fancy paper you get to use and all the different things you can make.

  3. That day was fun, it had lots of different things to do and I think at all times everyone was entertained.


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