Alex 100WC – Week 11

Remember the fallen, remember the lost, remember the ones that we may have forgot. They fought on the beaches, the hills and towns. Their blood was spilled as they ran from the water, guns screaming, war blazing. The sand crunched beneath the boots of the soldiers and squelched when they fell. Their families back home trembling with every thought of their loved one not coming home.

And now we remember the ones that fell, the lost and we remember the forgotten. Their legacies continue to influence the life we live today as we feel the pain of our people at war.

4 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 11

  1. A great entry Alex, well done. You have used figurative language well including ‘sand squelched’ and ‘trembling with every thought.’ This sounds very much like a poem – try to make it look like one!

    Keep up the wonderful writing! 🙂

    • Thankyou for your feedback on my 100WC Mr Ball. It has been very interesting to write about such a world changing event in the history of our world and touching as well.

      Again thanks

    • Thanks Gabrielle for your comment and taking time to read my work. I had lots of pleasure in writing this week’s prompt and I too was very touched by some of the stories about the soldiers that I have been reading in class. I hope you enjoyed my work and I look forward to writing more.

      Thanks again

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