Alex 100WC – Week 10

Darkness. It brings out many things. Dangerous animals wake from their sleeps to hunt their prey. Humans have always despised the dark. They make light to hide it but it is still there. They build shelters to be safe from it, but are they?

Ben and Joel were in the woods with their fathers. They had been hunting deer through the densely grown trees. As they came to a clearing they saw a body. It’s skin was ghostly white. They called for their fathers as it shivered, they stepped back, screams exciting their mouths. But their fathers never came, this was one of them.

One thought on “Alex 100WC – Week 10

  1. Hey Alex and Charlie, Lachie.D here from St marks,
    I think that your Genius Hour topic has made a huge impact to jump high while shooting in B-ball or other things?
    My question is it hard walking in your shoe with the rubber balls on the bottom of your shoe?
    See ya!

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