Alex 100WC – Week 9

Green water passed slowly under the boat. My friends were swimming at the bend in the river. Broken tree branches floated by. Boxes were lifted off barges that were anchored at the small dingy old dock. An old ginger cat sat basking in the sun. I was leaning against the bow of our small fishing boat when I heard a whooshing sound. A wave of water rushed towards us. Brown silt churned around inside the waves. I was frozen with fear. Screams were heard from my friends but I knew it was too late. I dived under water hoping the wave would pass over me….       

One thought on “Alex 100WC – Week 9

  1. Hi there, Alex,

    Well done for entering this week’s 100wc and apologies for the late comment. I really enjoyed reading your entry and liked the imaginative way that you wove the words that Mrs Skinner had set in to your story.

    You have used a very mature tone which has been emphasised by the range of technical vocabulary that you have used. I like the fact that you sound like you know about boats etc.

    I also like the fact that you have attempted to describe everything that you have written about.

    Well done, keep up the good work 🙂

    Mrs Radd (Team100WC) Northamptonshire, England.

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