Anthony 100WC – Week 8

The Woods…

The twigs snap, the leaves crackle and the wind, woosh, woosh, woosh… I think I see something up ahead. It’s dark. Maybe a burnt tree trunk. I run over to the trunk, but it isn’t what I think it is! It’s a sculpture. There’s a sign next to the sculpture. It reads, “Who ever dares touch the cloak of ghoul shall be hunted down and killed.” I look inside where the face is supposed to be, all I see is a racoon. I guess the animal is going to claw me to death. HA! Nice try. I touch the ghoul…



One thought on “Anthony 100WC – Week 8

  1. Well done Anthony!
    I really liked this piece of writing because you have worked hard to create a spooky atmosphere. I especially liked the sound effects at the start – this is a great way to make something even spookier.
    Keep up the good work!

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