Alex 100WC – Week 5

As I looked around I realized what a strange life I now live, no water, no food, no home. Nothing. The streets have become grubby and polluted with the sorrow and despair of the city’s residents. The sound of the constant bombardment of bullets and bombs echoes off the crumpled walls of demolished buildings that once stood tall. Cars are now a distant memory of what was once a reality. What was once a cosmopolitan city has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Every day is a struggle just to survive and I live everyday like it is my last. Because it might as well be.

2 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 5

  1. Alex this is an excellent piece of work. You made good use of descriptive words relating to the difficult situation of war. Well done.

    Mrs Mitchell

    • Hi Mrs Mitchell,

      Thankyou for your feedback on this week’s 100WC. I have enjoyed this prompt a lot. I was inspired to write this when I read the book Pavana and realized what terrible situations war creates for people.

      Again, thanks from Alex

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