‘What’s Your Story?’

This week in 6EK we have been very excited with the arrival of an old suitcase from the Melbourne Immigration museum. This suitcase is filled with objects and photos which tells the stories of five immigrants that have come to Australia. The reasons and times that these people have migrated vary but there stories all make us remember that without different countries’ traditions and cuisine Australia wouldn’t be the same country that it is today.

The five people that we looked at were Setsutaro Hasegawa from Japan, The Gung Family from China, Karl Muffler from Germany, Zurlia Ismail from Indonesia and Nickel Mundabi from Africa. We made a presentation that described the life of each of these.

After we had explored each migration story in small groups we then wrote a diary entry.


  • What did you learn from the suitcase?
  • What was your favourite story?
  • What would your families story be?

2 thoughts on “‘What’s Your Story?’

  1. This is a really exciting project. So pleased our What’s Your Story Kit sparked so much interest and excitement Grade 6EK

  2. The stories in here are so different! My favourite story would have to be Karl Muffler or Zurlia Ismail.
    From Ella

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