Prep 100 Days

3 thoughts on “Prep 100 Days

  1. Hi everyone,

    I had heaps of fun with my buddy on their 100 days of school. The activities were fun, and I’m sure everyone had a great day!

    Cecilia 😀

  2. Had lots of fun with the buddies on their 100th day of school. Loved doing all the activities with them.


  3. Hey it’s Joanna I just wanted to say congratulations to 100 days to your buddies. They are so cute, the weird thing is at my new school we already have buddies and I’m only in grade 5 meaning we probably won’t have buddies next year. Anyway this is really off topic and this show isn’t suitable for younger audience teeheehee me anyway I just realised Sam is on Big Brother. If you don’t know who he is he’s the paralympian who came to our school and talked about his leg. Congratulations again!

    Joanna 🙂

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