In Mathematics we have been learning about BODMAS.



  • What did you learn this week?
  • Can you write a problem for others to solve?
  • Can you solve a problem posed by another student.

3 thoughts on “BODMAS

  1. Really enjoyed learning BODMAS this week. I liked using it to solve some long equations and will definitely use it again.


  2. It was fun learning about BODMAS I learnt some things that I thought I knew but I didnt. I would like to know what other people thought about BODMAS and what there favourite part about it was.

    From Breianna

  3. Hey 6EK!
    I just wanted to comment on your blog to say good job on your blog. Most of you, by that I mean all of you don’t know me but my name is Joanna and I used to go to St Francis Xavier and do the same blog thingy with Miss K it was really fun. Anyway keep up with the great work guys I haven’t learnt about Bodmas yet but my friend mentioned it to me. Great job again! 🙂


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