Will 100WC – Week 2

It was a very hot day with the hot sun going on my back. I was running to the ice cream store hoping there were no lines. I got there and the line was going right down the street. common why does there have to be a big line. 3 hours later, finally the line has gone down I can finally get my ice cream. I would like to have a lime ice cream thank you. This is not lime ice cream. yes it is. But it is yellow. Oh im sorry i gave lemon sorry. See you tomorrow. OK

One thought on “Will 100WC – Week 2

  1. Hello Will,

    Your writing has made me feel like having an ice cream. It’s just the ticket when the sun is shining and is very warm.

    Have a look at your sentences and double check to make sure you have kept the same verb tenses throughout all your writing.

    Well done.

    Ms R. Orr

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