Madeleine 100WC – Week 2

The light

It was 12:00 at night and everyone was sound asleep except me i was still up in my room just listening to music. As i was listening to my music i saw a light shine through my room it came out of nowhere. I carefully got out of bed and walked towards it like i was hypnotized or something. The light got brighter and brighter the more i got closer until everything was yellow. Until all i could see was yellow then i said to myself but everything is yellow it’s meant to be dark because no lights are meant to be on.

2 thoughts on “Madeleine 100WC – Week 2

  1. Hello Madeleine!
    Your story is very mysterious, and I love the suspence in it!
    You could probably use some more commas, because when I read your story, sometimes there are a few more space sthen there should be.
    Great job!
    Sincerely, Jennieva.

  2. Well done Madeleine, you made a great effort with this week’s 100WC. The idea of a mysterious yellow light shining into your room at midnight is a really good start to a story. Try and remember to use the prompt exactly how it is written when you write your 100WC – it can be tricky sometimes!

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