Alex 100WC – Week 1

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Ghostly mist hung low over the graveyard. A moon like a spotlight lit up the midnight sky. Gravel crunched beneath our feet as we stumbled under the dark shadows of trees. I pulled out my shovel, with a rusty metal tip and a worn down wooden handle. Finally we can make a start, I thought. I gave my partner a stiff nod and started digging. Our inhuman deed was unbearably disgusting. It was crude, vile, disgraceful. It was wrong. We were to dig up the graves of a rural country town and take any riches that lay six feet under…

3 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 1

  1. Dear Alex,

    Your writing chilled me to the bone, it was so realistic and scary! I thought you included an amazing amount of adjectives to really set the scene. It made me feel like I was there with you, with the number of sounds and sights you described.

    Keep up the great writing Alex!

    Miss T 🙂

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