Angles around our school.

This week we have been looking at Angles around our school.


  • Can you leave some feedback?
  • What have you learnt about Angles?
  • What did you enjoy most about our topic on angles?


16 thoughts on “Angles around our school.

  1. Hi Ella and Naeve,

    I really liked your presentation and I liked the way that you added a protractor when defining angles at the start.

    From Alex

  2. Joseph and Cecilia,
    I think your presentation was really creative!
    I especially liked the start where you had the angles in the word “Angles.”
    – Ella

    • Hi Ella,

      Thanks for your comment! I really like your presentation as well, you have lots of really great information and pictures ;D

      From Cecilia 😀

  3. HI Cecilia and Joseph,
    I really like your angles presentation it is really cool!
    It’s cool because it shows how many angles are in
    the world and we don’t even notice!

    From Elaina

  4. HI Alex and Breianna,
    I really liked your presentation on angles I think it was very detailed.
    From Charlie

  5. Hi, Joey and Cecilia,
    I thought your presentation was really creative and awesome! Great Work!
    It was really interesting and i learn’t a lot!
    Keep up the great work!


  6. Hi Jesse and Shaun,

    Really liked your presentation and the photos you used. It would of been good if you had definitions. Good job.


  7. Hi Amy and Issy,
    I really liked how you showed other angles as well as the ones on the playground.

    • Thanks Claudia!
      Yours was really good to! It was really interesting. Why did you choose those angles?
      Thanks Issy

  8. Hi Ella and Naeve,

    I really enjoyed your presentation. It was good how you included a slide to tell everyone what a angle is. I also liked the pictures you took. It would have been great if you changed the font and put a bit of colour in the background. Good Job!

    From Maggie

  9. Wow! Great work on the presentation Maggie & Callum. I thought your presentation were stunning. Excellent use of angles in our yard. Did you find any other angles that you could’ve used instead of the one for the and reflex angle?


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