Memoir Writing

Today we explored Memoirs. We learnt how to tell a story through 6 words.

Once we had learnt about what a Memoir was it was our turn to write some of our own.
Below are some examples of our own Memoirs.


  • What do you like about Memoir writing?
  • What did you learn from this lesson?
  • Share your own Memoir….

6 thoughts on “Memoir Writing

  1. This activity of memoir writing is important to kids because it helps to define yourself. The person you spend the most time with is the same person you see in the mirror every day. Knowing what you value in life is necessary so that you are always at peace with yourself.

    Pick yourself up, new choice. -me

  2. I am a published author and I came across your classes memoir postings! I am amazed what you were able to do with only six words and a photos. Already, I am moved by your stories.
    I have written much of my own stories as well. Some published, and some not. Never under estimate the power of writing. I encourage you all to get a journal and begin writing in it every night. Just take ten minutes and tell YOUR story. It’s easy to get caught up in that of the famous, but those who are the ordinary have the most extraordinary lives to share.

    Create yourself, you are not missing.

  3. Your memoirs are inspiring. Thank you for sharing them. I particularly like the one about the light at the end of the tunnel.


  4. Very inspiring! It’s very cool to think about each one of these. i can imagine seeing many of them in a professional setting!

  5. I couldn’t have imagined that your memoirs could be so meaningful with just 6 words. Some of them made me laugh. Others made me kind of sad. All of them made me think really hard about life. Thank you all so much for encouraging me. Keep up the great work!

  6. You all wrote great memoirs! I especially liked the “Never Give Up Until You Succeed” memoir. I loved the fact that you did it in only six words and a picture. It looks like there has been heaps of learning in your class!

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