Alex 100WC – Week 38


My eyes watered as I stared into the growing inferno. I heard a scream and a smash from my little sister. I wanted to run in and help but it was far too hot. I fell to the ground. Crippled. Smoke rose into the sky. Slowly Drifting towards the heavens. Glancing towards the house I was destroyed. Eyes watering then streaming with fresh, tragic tears. The reality of being an orphan was intensely traumatic. With a pitiful crash the roof caved in and fueled the crackling and popping of the deathly fire. I was too grief-stricken to cry anymore. My life had been ruined tonight.      

3 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 38

  1. Hi Alex, I really like your use of description here and I can see that you have thought really hard about your vocabulary. I especially like the way you have left ‘Crippled’ as a one-word sentence which has a lot of impact. Well done!

    Jacqui (Team 100)

    • Thanks Jacqui for your feed back. I have really enjoyed this week’s writing promt.

      Thanks again Alex

  2. Hi Alex
    Great writing really liked your descriptive words and a good insight on how you were feeling.
    From Joel

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