Term 2 Genius Hour Presentation

Today we shared our Genius Hour presentations via a Google Hangout OnAir. If you missed it do not worry you can watch the video below.

We have also provided the presentations and Sites that we created for you to have a look. We would love some feedback and questions..

Ella – Is it worth going to a store to buy a book?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Fraser – How can I convince my parents to play more video games?

Alex – How can I teach kids about photography?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Cecilia – How can I inform people about Bonobos and how to save them?


Site Link – Only works under school domain

Amy and Isabelle – How can we inform primary school children about Type 1 Diabetes?

iBook – will be posted onto class blog once published in iBooks store.

Will – What does it take to make a homemade drumkit?

Callum and Charlie – How can we advertise Corowa?
SITE Link – Only works under school domain

Joseph and Shaun – What is the  best gaming console for you?

Site Link – Only works under school domain

Breianna – What does it take to build a model house?

Site link  – Only works under school domain

Maggie – How do plants benefit the earth and what can I produce in my garden to benefit them? 

Anthony and Patrick – How can we improve others basketball skills?

Site Link – Only works under school domain.

Claudia – What does it take to design my own dress?

Madeleine and Naeve – How can we stop people from smoking?

Julian and Jesse – How can we make a motorised boat?


  • What did you like about 6EK’s Genius Hour projects?
  • Do you have any suggestions/ questions for any of the students in 6EK?
  • If you were to do Genius Hour what would be your non-googleable question?

46 thoughts on “Term 2 Genius Hour Presentation

  1. Hi Cecilia, its Christian, Alyssa and Jade,
    We thought that your topic was really interesting about Bonobos because not many people know about this animal.

    Bye 🙂

  2. Hey Class 6EK
    Today we are commenting on Will’s Homemade Drum kit. Hi Will we think your Homemade Drum Kit was really cool that you made a Drum kit with Kitchen appliances & buckets we think that we might try this at home because it was an awesome idea
    From Matt & Lochie St. Marks

  3. Hi my name is Isabella,
    I come from St.Mark’s, I think class 6K’s Genius Hour projects is great and interesting also some peoples Genius Hour work is great than I thought. One question for Claudia : Why did you like designing dresses and make people interest in it?.
    Great job that the people in class 6K did they Genius Hour work very well.

    From your friend in St.Mark’s

    • Hi Isabella,
      to answer your question I like designing dresses because I want to get a job in the fashion world when I get older and I want to make other people interested in fashion I want people to see how creative it can be.

  4. Hi Naeve and Madeleine,
    We like your Genius Hour presentation because it is very interesting and we agree that people should stop smoking. Ben’s group did smoking too. Our question was “How might we create an effective way for kids to encourage their parents to stop smoking?”

    • Hi Ben’s Group,
      Thanks for your kind comments. Just one question, how did you think of the idea for “How might we create an effective way for kids to encourage their parents to stop smoking?”
      It would be interesting to find out your answer.

      Naeve and Maddy

  5. Hi Callum and Charlie,

    If you would like to expand the word of Corowa I would suggest making a google website and post it on google so people can acknowledge Corowa. We really enjoyed the part when you told us about the golf course over there.

    From your friends in 5/6N Otto, Christian.A & Alisha

    • Hi Christian.A and Alisha,
      It’s really nice to see you guys commenting on our genius hour projects. I’m not apart of Callum and Charlie’s group but they actually already made a google site.

      Thanks Issy

  6. Hi Maggie, it’s Taylor, Stefanie and Shawnee,

    We loved your presentation so much! We found your project very informative and enjoyable! We agree about what you said about the plants and how they help the earth. We also think that your question is very worthwhile: ” How do plants benefit the earth and what can I produce in my garden to benefit them?”

    From your blogging buddies at St Marks,
    Taylor,Stefanie and Shawnee! 🙂

    • Hi Taylor, Stefanie and Shawnee,

      Thank you for your great comment. I am happy that someone enjoyed my presentation. I tried to make my presentation interesting and I hope it had enough information.

      Thanks again for your comment!
      From Maggie 6EK

  7. To Fraser

    I like your question and I like your presentation. It is so good that the parents actually would let you play video games. It just needed a bit more information but that was the only bad thing about it. It was a really good presentation.
    From Rhory Alex and Theo

  8. Hey there Naeve and Madeleine,

    We really liked your presentation because it showed people why they shouldn’t smoke and we really liked your pictures because they matched your question perfectly.

    From your St.Marks friends Christian, Sebastian and Hayden

  9. Hi Brodie & Cooper here from St Marks,

    On google hangouts we watched your genius hour. We chose to comment on Alex and his photography. We like how you made an Ebook on photography. You did good information and we found it interesting.
    Did you do those photos or did you get them from the internet?

    Bye from Cooper & Brodie:) 😀

  10. Hello Xavier and Anthony here,
    We are here to give feedback to Will for his project on What does it take to make a homemade drum kit?
    We thought that it was good but it need to be a little more detailed. Like you could of maybe put a google presentation about the process of how you got the information of how to make your own homemade drum kit. Maybe you could of maybe put in a song at the end.
    From Xavier and Anthony! 🙂

  11. Hi our names are Damian, John and Jarrod and we are from St.Marks Primary School. We’re here to talk about Breianna Genius Hour project. We thought it was really interesting. There were lots of facts about how to make a house model. We all learnt some thing that we didn’t already know. Was this project hard project for you?

    From your St.Marks friends Damian, John and Jarrod 🙂

  12. Hi Julian and Jesse,
    We are here to comment about your presentation and your boat. First your boat looked kinda wonky like it wasn’t straight and the end was hanging at the tip of the boat. You should’ve designed it better so we can understand that it won’t just collapse as soon as it was made. But other than that the presentation was good and we liked how much thought you put in this.Congratulations that it actually worked.
    From Bailey.L, Mathew.D and Sebastian.M at St.Marks 😀

    • Hi Bailey,
      Thanks for your kind comment. I really appreciate it but i’m sure you don’t realize how it is to reinforce and hammer a plate of iron like that into shape. Thanks foy your comment! 🙂 Good Luck for your genius hour! 🙂

      P.S. I’d like to see you do better!

  13. To Cecilia,
    Have you ever seen a Bonobo before?
    Why did you choose to do your Genius hour on Bonobos?
    Have you ever touched a Bonobo before?
    Josh and I really liked the slideshow you did.
    You had lots of good information and lots good pictures.
    From your friends Peter and Josh at st marks.

    • Hi Peter and Josh,

      I chose to do my Genius Hour about bonobos because not many people know what a bonobo is, and I wanted to do my genius hour project about an endangered animal. No, I have never seen or touched a bonobo 😀 Thanks for all your great feedback!


  14. Hi Anthony and Patrick,
    It’s Billy, Sean and Tyler here just to talk about your Genius Hour project in Term 2. We enjoyed watching your Genius Hour presentation on the Google Hangout. We all enjoy watching/playing basketball. Your tips were very helpful and we will use them in our future playing basketball. Your tips and skills were very detailed.
    Who thought of the tips and ideas for the game of basketball?

    From Billy, Sean and Tyler

    • Hi Billy, Sean and Tyler,

      Thanks for all the positive feedback. I love the fact that you loved it. Pat and I had some problems with the site. We actually made 2 other sites that didn’t go too well before we made the final one you saw in the google hangout. With the tips and ideas, Pat and I thought of most of them ourselfs. 1 or 2 were based off a drill we do ourselfs. Again, thanks for the feedback.

      -Anthony and Pat

  15. Hi it’s Ebony, Alannah and Charlize,
    We come from St.Marks and we wanted to comment on the smoking presentation by Naeve and Madeleine. We really enjoyed the presentation and the video as well. We like how you asked for other peoples opinion on how they would stop people smoking!
    From your fellow bloggers Alannah, Charlize and Ebony

  16. Hi Madeleine and Naeve,

    We really liked how you had so much detail. This term we are doing How might we create an effective way to help kids encourage their parents to stop smoking?. I thought your idea was interesting because we are trying to make people stop from smoking to. I thought you could’ve spoke a bit more clearer so everyone could understand you. Overall I thought your Genius Hour was great!!!

    From your blogging buddies Damon and Ken 🙂 🙂 ( St. Marks)

  17. Hi Madeleine and Naeve,

    We really liked how you had so much detail in your presentation. This term we are looking at ‘How might we create an effective way to help kids encourage their parents to stop smoking?’ I thought your idea was interesting because we are trying to make people stop from smoking too.We think you tried really hard to speak clearly so everyone could understand you, so keep practising this skill! Overall we thought your Genius Hour was great!!!

    From your blogging buddies Damon and Ken.

  18. Thanks everyone for all your comments. But I want to know on a scale from one to ten what would you rate the whole genius hour presentation.

  19. Hi Claudia,

    We really enjoyed your Genius Hour project and we think your question is very creative and unique. We liked how you presented what you have accomplished with a model and a picture. We think the design is very cool. We noticed that you projected your voice a lot so that everyone could hear you. You maintained good eye contact throughout the presentation.

    Maybe next time you could add more detail to your presentation and add a few more slides explaining how you made the dress.

    From Emily and Michael.

  20. Hi Alex,

    We really enjoyed your photography genius hour project for Term 2 and we thought it was interesting because the presentation had some really good tips and it was very detailed. I thought your idea was interesting because photography is a great art and it is a really useful topic to teach others about.
    You really tried hard to put as much information as you could into your project which was fantastic but you could improve on projecting your voice and speaking clearly so everyone can hear you better. In the future you could use cue cards to help you make more eye contact with the audience rather than the screen.
    From your blogging buddies Josh and Madison.

  21. Hi Cooper and Brodie,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes I did take all the photos myself. Some of them are of my brother and from my holiday in Hong Kong.

    Thanks Alex

  22. Hi Julian and Jesse,

    We really liked how you showed a birds eye view and a side view of your model boat. We liked how you put the events that occurred in order. We thought your idea was interesting because there was a lot of detail in your presentation like explaining what you needed to make your boat. From seeing your presentation on your blog, we learnt that it’s not so easy making a motorised boat by hand. For your next Genius Hour project you might like to try adding more information about the developing process. Overall, your project was really good and we can see you tried really hard.

    From Paige and Nathan
    St Marks Primary

  23. Hi Fraser,

    We liked your question about convincing your parents how to give you more gaming time. Firstly, we love gaming but also love to play outside so we would definitely use your tips to try and convince our parents. We also really enjoyed how you listed why having more TV and gaming time is good for you.It was amazing how much imformation you found. We thought your idea was interesting because a lot of kids like gaming and we hope a lot of people follow your tips and get extra gaming time!

    from Jade and Ashley.

  24. Hi Ella,

    I liked your presentation because it told me a lot about books and I think it is worth going to the store and buying a book and also buying them on iBook because a lot of people don’t want to go out to a store to buy books so they can do it on I book and some people want to go have a look at different books so they go into the store. I liked how you did a survey about books because some people don’t like TV they like to read books And I thought you could next time look at the audience more instead of looking at the board. Although, I think some people like watching TV a lot instead of reading.
    From the awesome blogger, Cooper.

  25. Making a boat isn’t very easy when I was making it it was not originally wonky it was in my pocket and I jumped down like ten steps and fell over and it was squished but thanks for the comment.

  26. Hi Will, we are Adam and Jacob from St. Marks Primary school. We really liked how you can make your own drum kit at home using utility items. We are wondering what you used for drumsticks? Because you told us about what you used for drums but not what you used for drumsticks.

    Anyway that’s all from us!

  27. Hi Joseph and Shaun,

    Its Matthew.S and Liam.H from St Marks P.S here. Both of us really liked your question and hope to hear more of it. Quick question. What is your favourite console? Thanks

    Bye Matt.S and Liam.H Out

      • Hi Joseph and Shuan,

        Thanks for answering our question. My favourite console is X-BOX 360 and Liams is X-BOX 1. Quick question what is your favourite game for ps4?

        Matt.S out

  28. Hi,
    It’s Charlie from St Marks. I am commenting on Julian and Jesse. I liked your genius hour presentation. I would like to know what kind of motor you used for you boat. It would of been awesome if you had made a full sized boat but I know how hard it would be to do it in the time frame you had. I think that the boat would look really good and it is great that you used it out of recycled materials.

    from Charlie

  29. Hey Breianna!

    Your project was great! This might benefit the way houses look in the future.
    This has given me an idea for my next Genius Hour, I thought you spoke clearly and explained your topic well. You could have explained what you made your house out of and how long it took.
    Great Job!

    From Jack

  30. Hey St Francis Jack L and Flynn R here,

    Awesome Genius Hour projects guys but me and Flynn are commenting on Callum and Charlie’s Genius Hour, it was cool that you were advertising Corowa, me and Flynn have been there ourselves. I loved how you talked about places and restaurants so we’re sure to go there next time.

    Well, see you guys later from your buddies at St Marks Flynn and Jack.

  31. Hi Naeve and Madeleine,

    Your project was really inspiring!! I liked how you put it in detailed information. I also liked how you wrote down other people’s opinions. I really liked how you spoke clearly so others could hear and that you were looking at the audience while talking.

    From Lynna in St Marks

  32. HI everyone.
    I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour watching your presentations. I’m very impressed with the quality of the work you all have done. I’m inspired to try something similar in my school with the year 5/6 students. Next term I hope watching your presentations with the children at my school will inspire them to do as well.
    Barbara from Clairvaux in Geelong

  33. hi we were watching the video and we got so many ideas for our genius hour projects that we are working on
    bye from Katie :3

  34. Hi 6EK,
    We did Genius hour too.
    Charlotte did it with Jess and they did Who was the first person on Earth.
    Me and Mia did different questions about Dinosaurs.
    Sarah did one by herself and she did some things about Harry potter.
    What was your favourite bit about Genius Hour?
    From Amber, Charlotte, Mia and Sarah 🙂

  35. Hey 6EK,
    We did genius hour too.
    charlotte did it with with my friend jess I did it with amber .I did on dinosaurs.bye from Amber,Charlotte and Mia

  36. like all of your genius hour ideas!
    sorry could not find the sites.
    can some 1 please reply and tell me the sites and who they where by?

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