What comments on our 100WC mean to us?


  • What does a comment on the blog mean to you?
  • What do you like about the comments you receive?
  • Can you make some suggestions on how to leave a good comment?

9 thoughts on “What comments on our 100WC mean to us?

  1. Hey it’s Jade, Kate and Kaitlyn
    We all chose to look Will’s project about how to make a homemade drumkit. We thought it was a great project but maybe you could have explained more about how you made it. Thanks for your great project and well done!
    From your friends at St.marks Jade Kate and Kaitlyn.

  2. Hi Cecilia it is Samantha and Eleni from St.Marks,
    We watched your Google Hangout and thought that it was very interesting. We did not know that Bonobos even existed, we both found the movie very educational and interesting. Your slide show was very well done as well.
    We can not wait to see what you present to us next Term.

    From your buddies Samantha and Eleni.

  3. Hi Madeleine and Naeve!

    We thought your presentation was great and we loved your topic. We thought your topic was very persuasive and it will inspire people to make the right choices about quitting smoking.

    We think ( Madeleine ) you could have spoken a lot clearer because we could not here much you said.

    From your blogging buddies Nicola, Sameeksha and Ella from St Marks Primary School. 🙂

    P.S. We wish Naeve was there to present with you.

  4. Hey Will,
    We both think your drum kit was really cool. We cannot wait until you’re actuate performance comes on your class blog. We think it will be really interesting to see you playing your own drum kit.

    From Josh and Lachie, at St Marks!

  5. Hi Madeleine and Naeve,

    We really liked how you had so much detail. This term we are doing How might we create an effective way to help kids encourage their parents to stop smoking?. I thought your idea was interesting because we are trying to make people stop from smoking to. I thought you could’ve spoke a bit more clearer so everyone could understand you. Overall I thought your Genius Hour was great!!!

    From your blogging buddies Damon and Ken 🙂 🙂

  6. We liked how you put a video for us to give us a clue on what bonobos are.
    We thought your idea was interesting because you told us about an animal that none of us knew was endangered. For your next Genius Hour project you might like to try and add in a couple more slides, to give us a deeper information on what they are.
    From your blogging buddies in St. Marks, Patrick and Meghan.

  7. Hey Fraser

    Josh and James here
    We are wondering why you choose this Genius Hour project and do you like video games that educate you.

    From your friends at St Marks
    Josh and James

  8. Hi Maggie,
    Our names are Linda & Britt,
    We think that you did a great job on improving your garden.
    We think that you should make more expression to improve your presentation.
    Britt & Linda from St Marks.

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