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A couple of weeks ago we shared a Google Form with the world to collect data for our Maths topic. We were amazed with the amount of responses that we received. We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us out and filled in our Google Form.

We then needed to work in small groups to analyse the data then present our findings. It was very interesting to see how each group interpreted the data gathered.

What we thought about the data we collected:

 Amy – It was fun because we got to ask our own questions and see what others responded from around the world. 

Jesse-It was interesting to find out all the answers to some questions that you may have never known.

Anthony – I loved sending out the questions in a form and getting over 850 responses than asking the year 6 classes and getting 40 odd responses. What a great way to start working on data.

Claudia- I thought it was a great idea that we did the class form! I think our Google Presentation looks great.

Will – It was interesting about all the different answers. It was really fun!

Cecilia – I had a lot of fun analysing the data from our survey. Lots of the information we found out  was very interesting. I thought my groups Google Presentation was great!

Charlie- I think that it was really interesting how many responses we had. It was also really cool how we could see all the responses and what people had said.

Maggie – I enjoyed this because we got to make up our own questions and find out what people from around answered.

Callum –  I think that the survey was a good idea. I liked it how we made our own question.

Breianna- I think that the survey was good because we got to look at the results.

Jasmine: I think the survey was fun and interesting. The best part was looking at the results.

Alex- I thought the survey was interesting because we got to find out what people around the world thought of our questions.

Joseph-I really like seeing people from different countries filling it out. I like the different answers people put and wrote.

Shaun- I liked making a Google Presentation and analysing the data then presenting.

Fraser- I liked it when we created our own questions and people from aroudn the world answered it. I also liked looking at all the different responses.

Naeve- I liked some of the answers that people submitted and I was surprised with a lot of  the results.

Ella – I really enjoyed doing the survey because of all the different responses from around the world.

Maddy- I liked people from different countries filling out our survey and some of the results we were shocked with.

Mary- I liked receiving different peoples opinions from around the world and seeing all the different super powers people wanted.

Patrick – I loved making the Google presentation with my friends. I had a great time.

Issy – I really enjoyed making and analysing the data with a friend. I also loved the survey so we could see people from around the worlds answers. Overall this was really fun and I recommend it.   

Julian – The data was really fun because we got to choose our groups. I worked with my friends.

Google Presentations:


  • What did you find interesting about our data we collected?
  • If you could ask one question what would it be?
  • If you could change one thing what would it be?

3 thoughts on “Survey – Data

  1. Hi,
    If I could ask another question it would be What after school activity do you do? The answers would be Basketball, Soccer, dancing/Gymnastics, Karate, other and None.

    If I could change one thing it would be the age groups. Because some are more than others. I would make a difference of 10 years for each group.

    – Ella

  2. Wow 6EK!
    You have done an amazing job of analysing and presenting your data. It’d be great to see all the different results. I can’t believe you had over 800 replies!
    I really liked the way that the data was presented using pie charts and percentages. I think that makes it easiest to see – and it reminds me of pies, which are always yummy!

    Do you think doing this activity has helped you prepare for surveys you might conduct in the future?

    From Miss T…who is meant to be writing her reports, but is being distracted by all these amazing blog posts!

  3. Hello people from St.Francis Box Hill.
    Our names are Bevan and Zac (From St.Marks) Anthony and Patrick we watched your Genius Hour and enjoyed it. You guys could have of maybe added more information and more pictures into your project. But from that we really enjoyed it. You could have of maybe spoken more clearly.
    From you friendly Bloggers in St.Marks, overall it was good.

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