Maggie 100WC – Week 34

The old dwelling on the hill swayed with the violent wind. I looked outside only to find that the world had transformed into a dark blur and immense droplets of water were teeming from above. A strange rattle came from my bedroom so I went to take a peek. Hiding behind my window was a dark shadow. I ran into the kitchen but where could I go. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. One minute I was tucked underneath the bench, the next I was lying down on the Floor. How could this night have gone so wrong?

5 thoughts on “Maggie 100WC – Week 34

  1. Hi,
    This is Matthew from 3/4L. I’ve read your writing, it is magnifocent. Just wondering what does the onehundred wc mean? Is it for 100 words?
    From Matthew M 3/4L

    • Hi Matthew,
      100WC stands for 100 Word Challenge. The 100 Word Challenge is a writing challenge where you get a prompt and you have to write a 100 word short story including the prompt.

      Sometimes the prompt might be a picture, a short sentence or different words. I really enjoy doing the 100 Word Challenge because it is a lot of fun.

      Thank you for the great comment!
      From Maggie

  2. A 100WC full of great vocabulary, Maggie. Well done! I particularly like the words ‘immense’ and ‘teeming’. You created a very vivid picture with your words.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment. I really like getting other peoples feedback on my writing. I am looking forward to writing more.

      From Maggie

  3. Hello Maggie,

    This is James and Matt from St. Mark’s. We enjoyed your project because the information you provided was interesting and provided advice about creating a veggie garden. It was quite interesting to find out how plants benefit your garden and our garden too. You demonstrated good presentation skills, for example, summarising your information, looking at the audience and speaking in a loud and clear voice. We can’t wait to see your next Genius Hour project next term!

    From your St. Marks buddies Matt and James.

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