Jasmine 100WC – Week 34

As I creeped up the dark misty cave it was hard to see as I walked forward. I switched the button on my flashlight. Click! But was useless the cave was still very dark even when i tried to make my surroundings brighter. Sun had set and everything was swallowed in complete darkness. I was very careful of my surroundings until a loud noise echoed in the cave. I tried to turn back but the sound kept getting louder and louder until the air smells burnt. I bumped into something hard and two bright eyes were glowing.

One thought on “Jasmine 100WC – Week 34

  1. Jasmine what a spooky story. I lived that you used so many of your character’s senses, sight, smell, and sound. I didn’t see where you used the prompt, but I enjoyed the post. Keep up the good work!

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