Isabelle 100WC – Week 34

It was a dark misty night and I felt like someone was following me. The fog started to blur my eyes I started shaking, was someone really following me? As I walked faster I felt like more and more people were following me. CRACK I turned around someone had ran out into the bushes, I looked down to phone I was dialling a number but no my phone screen went black it died! I started sprinting but where could I go, I sprinted to my car the wind was blowing in my face and I just didn’t know what to do! “AHHHH!”

To be continued

5 thoughts on “Isabelle 100WC – Week 34

    • To Joseph,
      Thanks for the awesome comment!
      Don’t forget your capital letters and punctuation!
      From Issy

  1. Isabelle,
    This is a great 100WC story and I love how you build the tension and set the scene at the beginning. I really enjoyed reading it. Would love to read the next part!
    Just make sure you check where full stops should be so some sentences don’t run into each other.
    Nice work!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg

    • To Laura,
      Thanks for the great comment! I really like writing the 100WC, and I love to hear some feedback!
      Thanks again Isabelle

  2. dear 6ek
    you have done a great job on your writing. In my class we have finished 3 pieces of writing this semester favourite food, precious pets and the beach what other incredible writing have you finished ?

    from Sarah

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